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Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is a pre-workout supplement that utilizes the science of nutrition to help you push the boundaries of the human body. The scientifically engineered nutrition supplements are clinically proven safe and effective for all people who are serious about building muscle fast. Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is a very simple product. It focuses on achieving three things. It boosts your energy, provides building blocks of muscles to your body, and delivers INVERSE nitric oxide pumps that are long-lasting, enabling you to conquer those difficult weightlifting sets.

Why Athletic Xtreme SuperSize?

Scientists and medical experts discovered that the human body is highly adaptive when it comes to pre-workout supplements. This means that your old pre-workout supplements will have a dwindling effect on your body. When this plateau comes, you need a new pre-workout supplement, and that is Athletic Xtreme SuperSize.

Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is different because it reformulates the old ingredients and IMPROVES them to give you complete focus and strength to mow down the most difficult workout routines you have ever done. Since this product is NEW and IMPROVED, you body has not yet adapted to its formulation, leaving a biochemical process that is altered to give you more strength and energy.

The centerpiece argument of Athletic Xtreme SuperSize lies in the fact that your pre-workout supplement will not always workout for you. Its effects will eventually fade out as your body rigorously adapts to its formula. You can ask any doctor about this fact, and they will tell you that it is true.

AX Xtreme – Avoiding the Law of Diminishing Returns

Common pre-workout supplements contain Dimethylamylamine aside from other stimulants to give your body energy. These are also known as Nitric Oxide precursors, because they allow the body to release NO for 2 to 3 hours. Over time, these start to lose their effects because of natural adaptation. This is true for all supplements, medicines, and drugs, and this is called the law of diminishing returns.

By the time you need your old pre-workout system has reached its maximum limit, your body will no longer receive the additional boost of 2 to 3 hours of energy. You can no longer lift the weights, and your muscle growth will face a standstill.

When you notice this happening, it is time to change your pre-workout supplement. Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is a unique dosage of ingredients that is new to the pre-workout supplement.

SuperSize Ingredients

You can take the 1 to 3 scoops of Athletic Xtreme SuperSize with 8 ounces of water, which should be consumed 40 minutes BEFORE your workout session. Every scoop of SuperSize contains 160mg of Vitamin C, and 2,700mg of its proprietary blend of ingredients. These active ingredients include:

  • HPLC Pure Creatine Monohydrate
  • Leucine Nitrate (converts into nitrite, and then transforms into Nitric Oxide inside the body)
  • Disodium ATP
  • Caffeine
  • Haplophyllum Tubercullatum (Natural herb extract; standardized for P-Phenethylbenzamide)
  • Theobromine / Xantheose (supplemental alkaloid of chocolate cacao plant)
  • Neuropeptide Alpha

Doctors recommend you to take only one scoop of the supplement. This allows your body to adjust to the high-potency of the pre-workout supplement. The 1 scoop recommendation is done to assess the tolerance of your body to this product. You may start using 2 to 3 scoops of the Athletic Xtreme SuperSize after one or two weeks of usage.

Health Warning

This product is designed for HEALTHY adults only, aged 18 and above. They should have no cardiovascular health problems, and must consult their doctors before they use this pre-workout supplement. This warning is especially made for those who are currently taking medical prescriptions, as some of the ingredients may react with the drugs you are taking.

People suffering from hypertension, irregular heartbeats, or have a history of stroke, heart, kidney, liver, or other medical conditions must consult with their doctors.

Benefits of the Athletic Xtreme SuperSize

If you are healthy, you will have the benefit of eliminating the plateau of your previous workout supplement, and take advantage of the opportunity to build muscle fast. You get explosive burst of energy, and be able to sustain your weightlifting for hours.

Make sure that you set aside rest days for your body to recover. The recovery process is just as important as the workout process, because this is the time when your body fills in the gaps in the micro tears in the muscle fibers. It is important that your supplement provides you the right recovery ingredients for your body.

Every bottle of Athletic Xtreme SuperSize gives you the following results:

  • 240 Hours of Explosive Pumps
  • 90 Hours of Active Training Energy
  • 240 Hours of Muscular Growth potential
  • 90 Hours of Focus and Mental Motivation

Official Authentications

Athletic Xtreme SuperSize is clinically proven safe and effective for healthy adults. It is tested by the Banned Substances Control group to be free from illegal and dangerous substances, approved by the World Natural Bodybuilding federation (WNBF), and is certified Free From additives and garbage ingredients like Carbohydrates, sugars, and artificial dyes. Currently the only flavor is lemon lime.

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