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BETA-CRET is a new nitric oxide supplement from Promera Health. It supports phosocreatine concentration in muscles, buffers lactic acid build-up during strenuous exercise, promotes focus and concentration during training, supports energy levels without crashing and helps hydrate muscles.

Promera is incredibly popular due to their ridiculously successful Con-Cret creatine, which is actually Creatine Hydrochloride and gets consistent 10-star reviews. Rest assured that Con-Cret is in this new pre workout, so you’re getting a sweet value here!

Beta-CRET Ingredients

This one’s really quite simple and straightforward. We have a label below to the right, but each serving of BETA-CRET contains 200mcg folic acid, 25mg niacin, 2mg vitamin B6 and 4050mg of CRET. It is recommended to take 1-2 scoops 10-15 minutes before exercising. Never take more than 3 servings during a single use.


Mixing and Flavor: The product mixes almost instantly and leaves little residue at the bottom of the cup after shaking. If you like the flavor more intense, use less water. Many consumers like this, and so they use 4 ounces of water instead of 6-8. They absolutely love the flavor! The best flavors that they love are pineapple and blueberry. The pineapple flavors taste is light and refreshing, which is just great when working out. The blueberry is very delicious too and consumers love the light, sparkling flavor that it delivers. Since most of the product dissolves, you can be confident that there will be next to no wastage of the product or your money!

Focus was definitely increased for consumers. After taking BETA-CRET, no amount of distraction would work. Consumers found themselves doing longer workout sessions without even realizing it! They were so focused that they forgot the time! They are able to do more exercises because they are more focused and didnt have to be distracted by thoughts of other things. There will be those days wherein you cant focus, and we all know that, but BETA-CRET cuts those days to a minimum and really helps you focus and keep your mind on exercising and lifting weights.

Strength: A noticeable strength gain is apparent from the first dose! This is most probably due to the increased energy that the product delivers. After a few days, however, the real strength comes, and you feel that the load that you were carrying noticeably becomes lighter already. If you take this with Con-Cret, like the manufacturer recommends, these strength gains become very noticeable. Consumers had very substantial increases on the bench, especially for weight lifters and bodybuilders. One consumer even said that within the container he went from rowing bout 180 for sets of 10 to 200 sets of 12! Consumers say that strength and recovery for them went through the roof! The strength gain is, again, very noticeable and consumers are very happy with the results. They say that BETA-CRET gave them the strength to do more on the bench and to lift heavier and heavier weights that they previously could not do.

Energy: This is where BETA-CRET does its job very well. They energy that it gives stays around for about two hours. The energy is clean and every and no hyperactivity will happen, unlike with other supplements where you get an energy high and then you crash! This product, consumers say, make you feel like an enhanced version of yourself and without feeling lightheaded or without irregular heartbeats. The energy is described as being clean and good energy. Additionally, you do no get the pins-and-needles sensation that other dietary supplements tend to give you when giving you energy boosts. It just gives you glowing energy that lasts for hours without being too hyper. Its a good, clean product that those looking for extra energy for their workouts should try.

Endurance: Your endurance is heightened within the first dose. Consumers report being able to do more repetitions and more sets within the first dose of BETA CRET than without it. Another great benefit of BETA-CRET is cardiovascular endurance. The increased focus coupled with the increased energy help make you able to endure cardio training better. In short, being able to do more cardio exercises helps you burn more calories and that helps you stay trim and in shape. So this amazing pre workout supplement helps you do this and more! It helps build endurance by giving you more energy and strength and thus helping you sustain yourself better while exercising. This means you can exercise for longer periods of time and do more varied exercises.

We’re happy to say that is a superior product that is affordable and is a great find. Its a great dietary supplement that will help you build your strength, endurance and energy levels so that you can exercise more and build muscles. Its a great supplement to have because its safe, effective and proven. It has had a lot of positive consumer reviews and it tasts great too! Its a wonderful product to purchase and its an innovative product to have! So what are you waiting for? Buy it online today and watch yourself transform into that sexy, fit you that you have always been dreaming of! BETA-CRET can do that for you and lots more!

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