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Recipient of the Supplement of the Year Award, Driven Sports has without a doubt produced a revolutionary pre-workout product in Craze. A masterful result that embodies Driven Sports’ commitment to the human body, Craze is indeed among the most potent pre-workout powder on the market today that lets you perform at your optimum athletic potential. Driven Sports has made it clear on many occasions that the driving force behind the design of Craze is simply “performance at its very best,” because according to Driven Sports, performance means everything.

Driven Sports designed Craze be the ultimate pre-workout powder. It is specifically prepared to provide long-lasting support that in effect allows for training beyond the perceivable limits. Everything about Craze is dedicated to let its user perform at an optimal level both physically and mentally, build leaner and stronger muscle, and generally feel amazing before, during, and after workout.

My Experience with DS CRAZE

My Driven Sports CRAZE Review

Not the best tasting product, but definitely the best performing one!

In two words: tunnel vision. This stuff puts you in the ZONE and keeps it there – unreal focus, just like everyone else says. It’s legit.

The second thing after that is insane energy. I absolutely love it. I feel like I can accomplish anything with it – whether it’s in the gym or doing complicated stuff at work. If I had this in college, I would have studied and taken tests on it – the focus is THAT good.

It tastes decently well – I like grape, but I’ve honestly had better-tasting products. What I have NOT had, however, is a product that is this freakin awesome. It could taste like a dumpster and I’d still use it. So all in all, I’m very happy.

The pumps are okay – just a bit of citrulline malate. If you need more, you can always stack in NO3 Chrome or HEMAVOL or something on your crazy heavy days. But for most workouts, Craze is all I need.

Competitive athletes might be very interested in this. Nothing is banned (as of late 2012), and there’s obviously some insane stimulants in here that might not go detected. Always check with your governing body, but if I was competing in track, I’d be all over it.

In the end, this is a 10/10 for energy, 10/10 for focus, 8/10 for pumps, and 9.5/10 overall.

Now to see why, look over my review of the ingredients below:

Craze Kinesis proprietary blend

This proprietary blend makes use of trimethylglycine which a double blind placebo-controlled study reported to promote a significant improvement in training and fatigue resistance. In another related study, trimethylglycine is found to enhance both the power and force output of the body. More popularly known as betaine, trimethylglycine is a methyl donor that is crucial to the entire process of methylation. Methylation is involved in many of the body’s natural processes such as cellular reproduction and DNA lipid metabolism. As such, improved methylation has been reported to reduce the expression of harmful genes. Naturally, the body’s ability to efficiently methylate declines with age, hence trymethylglycine supplementation is essential to keeping a healthier body.

Enhancing Muscle Mass with Creatine

Another key ingredient of Craze is creatine. Among the more popular performance enhancers in many pre-workout supplements, what creatine does is combine with a phosphate from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to rapidly replenish phosphocreatine (PCr) in the muscles. Increased PCr simply translates to more energy. Significantly improved PCr levels help you crush your workouts as it increases body weight and fat-free mass while optimizing the body’s peak force production. Creatine popularity in the bodybuilding realm is in no small part because of its ability to safely and efficiently improve performance and enhance muscle mass.

What sets Driven Sports Craze apart from the majority of pre-workout supplements in the market today is that it does not use any form of arginine nitrate as a nitric oxide enhancer or as a pump ingredient. Driven has stayed clear of arginine nitrate because as far as the more advanced studies are concern, it does not deliver great pumps, in fact, it does not even deliver mediocre pumps.

L-citruline Boosts your Pumps

Instead, Driven Sports has prepared Craze with L-citruline as its main nitric oxide enhancer and pump ingredient. In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over study that involved twenty healthy volunteers, L-citruline has been found to be the rate limiting factor for arginine synthesis which goes to show that L-citrulline supplementation is among the more potent ways of increasing the body nitric oxide levels and pump output.


What sets Driven Sports Craze apart from the majority of pre-workout supplements in the market today is that it does not use any form of argnine nitrate as a nitric oxide enhancer or as a pump ingredient.

L-citrulline originally got its name from the latin word citrullus – which literally translates to watermelon. Essentially, it is a naturally occurring amino acid that is mainly manufactured in the intestine. Being a pre-cursor to arginine, l-citrulline is best known for enhancing nitric oxide levels in the blood vessels. This facilitates the body’s vasolidation, allowing for an improved blood and oxygen distribution to active muscles. Apart from a healthier blood flow and an improved vascular function, among the other more notable effects of l-citrulline in the body includes detoxifying ammonia, promoting a faster rate of recovery, keeping the body’s lactic acid levels in check which inhibits fatigue build up, and actively increasing the production of creatine, growth hormones, and insulin in the body.

Vitamin C – an Essential


Craze is also dozed with potent amounts of ascorbic acid, otherwise known as vitamin C. Among the more versatile nutrients, vitamin C is primarily integrated to the entire design of Craze in order to prevent glutathione depletion. Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body that easily runs short when nitric oxide levels are repeatedly enhanced. Therefore, vitamin C is crucial in keeping citrulline together with other the pump ingredients of Craze in perfect balance with the body’s glutathione levels.

Additionally, vitamin C is crucial in protecting the body against various infections, in generally stimulating the immune system, and in keeping blood pressure at healthier levels. Because vitamin C in not naturally stored in the body, supplementation of this nutrient is essential.

Caffeine and Citramine

Arguably the most researched substance in the market with 21,000 documented studies, caffeine is an active stimulant in Craze. As such, caffeine increases mind-muscle connection by inhibiting adenosine A1 and A2A receptors. In the bodybuilding community, caffeine is found to be especially crucial as it helps replenish muscle glycogen stores at a faster rate which in effect improves post workout muscle recovery. Additionally, caffeine doses the brain with healthy amounts of dopamine which improves mood, motivation, and focus. Other notable benefits of caffeine include: improving reaction time and alertness in performing motor skills such as running, allowing for better breathing (by keeping the airways open), and keeping body weight in control (as it naturally increase the rate of fat burning).

Citramine, which is essentially Citrus reticulata extract derived for tangerines, also makes for the stimulatory component of Driven Sports Craze. Traditionally used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Citramine possesses N-methyltyramine and naringenin which are both naturally occurring alkaloids that have been reported inhibit alpha-2 adregenic receptors thus stimulating higher levels of energy and vitality in the body.

Give Driven Sports Craze a go, and experience true optimal performance.

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