Most Expensively Stupid Supplements Ever

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Expensive supplements don’t mean that they’re more effective. Some aren’t effective at all and some are way overpriced, and you can find better alternatives. Here’s a rundown of the most expensively stupid supplements ever on the market.

Most Expensive Supplements

Adipo RX

There’s been a lot of hyped up marketing abuot AdipoRX. It’s being touted as a fat burner. Sure, it contains several “natural” ingredients but at almost 60 dollars for a month supply – a real rip off!

Here’s the thing, there’s not “one pill” that can help reduce obesity safely. The keyword there is “safely”; sure you can find those chinese herbal pills that burn fat at the cost of your life. They contain dangerous drugs like amphetamine. “Natural” pills like AdipoRX on the other hand, may contain mild fat burners, but not enough to justify the price. As one of the expensive supplements, AdipoRX will just give you a good dose of anti oxidants, the same benefit you’d get if you ate vegetables and fruits.

Sure, the company that makes AdipoRX has a money back guarantee, but getting back your money will take a long time. Usually you have to prove that you took the pill AND followed the instruction on proper diet and exercise. Here’s the thing, if you follow a proper diet and exercise YOU WILL LOSE THE FAT with or without AdipoRX. Several reviews have attested to efficacy of AdipoRX, so it may work for some, but it’s still one of the most expensive supplements on the market.


Exercise can help you Burn the Fat


Now here’s a different “fat burner” called CliniSlim. It contains Chromium just like in regular multi vitamins. There are several ingredients such as Glucomannan, yerba mate, damiana and guarana which work to slow down gastric emptying, making you feel full longer. Unfortunately, reviews of the product have shown that the company misquoted several studies to hype their product.

Glucomannan works but the dosage found in CliniSlim is half of a clinical study recommended dosage. The same goes for the rest of the ingredients. They work, but the dosages don’t match the clinical studies quoted by websites, press releases, and reps of CliniSlim.

At almost 100 dollars it takes the cake as one of the most expensive supplements marketed as fat burner. Right now they’re having a promo price of almost 60 dollars, but still, the effects of CliniSlim won’t give you your money’s worth. The money back guarantee states that if you don’t lose weight in 10 days, you get your money back. However there are loopholes, you will be losing a slight amount of weight as the high fiber will wash away the contents of your intestines. Other than that, 10 pounds loss in 2 months certainly isn’t worth $100.

Acai Berry Diet Pills

Another purported weight loss supplement from the Acai Berry. The supplement was made popular by several articles showcasing its history and source, the Acai Palm tree. There have been uncontrolled pilot studies but it only showed the reduction of markers for metabolic diseases in overweight adults. They were not studies made testing how acai berry can help you lose weight.

At best, the Acai berry gives you powerful antioxidants that can help your body fight toxins. Marketing has been very deceptive. By accepting free trials, buyers unknowingly sign over “recurring shipment” costs or being forced to pay as much as 95 dollars for a shipment that you don’t want. Fake blogs also give fake reviews and it came to a point where celebrity host Oprah Winfre sued fifty internet sellers of Acai Berry pills. Jennifer Eisenbarth of the Biggest Loser also sued Acai berry supplement producer FWM Labs for using her image on advertisements.

Reserveratrol maker company FWM  Labs was also sued by Oprah in 2009. The company started using her name and Dr. Mehmet Oz’ along with a “trial offer”. This trapped a lot of customers to monthly expensive supplements shipments which led to several complaints that also dragged Oprah’s name. The company making Reserveratrol allegedly used ad campaign sites to advertise their products. The ad companies then started using celebrity names like Oprah and Oz and even creating fake websites such as and which are not even created by said celebrities.

How to Avoid Expensive Supplements Scams?


Fat Loss Factor by Marc Lobliner contains Important Information on Diet Management

Overweight and obese people are usually scrambling to find ways to curb their ever ballooning weight gain. If you happen to be one of them, information can actually help you avoid expensive supplements.

Be Informed about Ideal Body Weight

You might not be “fat” at all. Everyone has an ideal body weight and not everyone can achieve a mesomorph or well-muscled body. Those are scientific facts. You can talk to your doctor and check if your body weight is right for you.

Be Informed about Adipose Tissue and Weight Gain

Adipose tissues are made up of adipose cells that act like storage bags for fat. It can accumulate a lot of fat drops and grow big enough that it can be visible using microscopes. Adipose cells or fat cells aren’t necessarily bad. We need them to store energy in case of emergencies. However if there are too many of them, the fat cells can sag your skin or choke your organs.

Be Informed about Trial offers and Money Back Guarantee

There are many deceptive marketing strategies and companies often make use of “contracts” that lure customers in with trial offers and money back guarantee. After giving billing details and credit card info, companies can auto bill you another month’s supply of expensive supplements if you don’t manage to opt out in time.  Be sure to read what you are signing and don’t give out your personal details carelessly.

Be Informed Supplements, Diet and Exercise

If you have doubts about a particular supplement, diet or exercise regimen, you can ask your doctor for advice. You can also seek the advice of many doctors and weigh your options. There’s really no wonder drug to help you lose weight but you can use supplements to supplement your weight loss efforts in getting rid of excess fat.


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