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Hey guys, it’s Mike over at Price Comparison Engine. I was plugging away on Twitter when the guys over at @F3Nutrition and I started chatting and they shipped me a T-Shirt and some samples.

Since I’m in my “out of season bulk”, the sample that caught my attention was ANNIHILATE, their “Strength Pre-Workout”.

The TL;DR:

Holy crap was I not disappointed. Tasted like candy, set me some PRs, clean energy, no crash, and overall batted 1.000 (4 for 4) on rock star workouts.

The Taste and Mixability

I got a sample of the watermelon flavor. If you would have given it to me without me knowing, I would have said it was “cotton candy”. I LOVED It. I’m definitely into the sweet, slightly-artificial flavorings that you get with many products. This one was tops. My girlfriend took a sip and wasn’t as into it, but for me, it was a 10/10 on the tasting.

Mixed with 10-12oz water (instructions say 8-10oz but I’m a bad boy).

As for mixability, the pictures show a dash of particles in my shaker, and there was a touch of powder dropping to the bottom, but do you honestly care? It mixes 99% fine. Just swirl it before your last couple of sips. This is the least of my concerns. 9/10 for Mixability.

My Workouts and Results

Of the sample packets, I had 4 workouts, and every single one of them was long and intense. I never felt “cracked out”, but I did feel clean, level-headed, and pumped up. I was working on heavy workouts, as it’s my winter offseason and it’s really what I enjoy doing.

F3 Nutrition Annihilate Review

Mixability – just a DASH of particles – but overall perfectly fine

The best day was when I deadlifted 315 for reps, and then set a PR of 405lbs (note that I’m 185lb swimmer, obviously not powerlifting). Holy crap – nothing like having 4 plates on each side and taking care of business! Total stoke… and that just set the rest of the workout up for increased weight and extra sets here and there.

I didn’t have “skin tearing pumps” or anything ridiculous like that. I just had solid, incredible workouts and damned good pumps.

I had no “come-down” – the mix of the vitamins and green tea leaf extract likely kept me going a bit longer after the caffeine began to wear out. I have no clue how much caffeine was in this packet, but it was nothing insane. 125-150mg maybe?? It was not so much that I was getting nervous/jittery nor did it crash me, so I liked the dosage. Start with 1 scoop but if you need more stimulants, add more after you assess the first workout.

Some of you want to get “cracked out” of your minds, and maybe more than 1 scoop will do that, but this isn’t that kind of product. It’s just a perfect balance of energy and pumps, a good contender to take on Cellucor C4 Extreme if you want some extra aminos or aren’t into the nitrates that C4 has. Both bring great balance with the stims.

Annihilate’s Ingredients

F3 Annihilate Review - The Ingredient Label

Click the image for a bigger label

This is what matters. There are three blends here, the Metabolic Endurance Blend, the Nitric Oxide Booster Blend, and the Anabolic Power Blend.

Annihilate’s Metabolic Endurance Blend

The #1 ingredient in citrulline malate, which does a ton of incredible things. It’s actually a nitric oxide precursor, so it’ll help with pumps as well as endurance. I’d actually have put this in the Nitric Oxide ingredient section, but no matter. It’s in every new pump supplement worth it’s salt, and there’s still more NO boosters to come!

After that is Betaine (also known as Trimethylglycine), which is awesome for endurance, and taurine, which helps with muscle hydration.

Schizandra extract is in there, likely to help balance out the stims and give some cognitive support – this ingredient was made popular by Jack3d and is a great detoxifier – taken with or without caffeine.

And of course, you have caffeine and green tea extract (extracted for 45% EGCG). This mix, along with the schizandra, is likely why I never had a crash with it. Smooth sailing.

The Nitric Oxide Booster Blend

L-Arginine is here, which I think is cool – it’s not the most powerful, but it does work to boost NO levels and temporarily increase peak power output. Before products started using nitrates and citrulline malate and agmatine, this was what gave everyone pumps – and most people were happy.

So while arginine has it’s “haters” because it’s no longer the cool new kid on the block, it does help, and when mixed with citrulline malate above, and you have a serious 1-2 punch already. If one doesn’t work for you, the other will.

The L-Ornithine brings some GH stimulation, and theobromine actually gives some mild stimulation too.

Finally, L-Norvaline is a great “nitric oxide booster booster”, if such a thing exists. It stacks great with the CM and Arginine, and also helps relax blood vessels to improve flow.. so now you have a 1-2-3 punch that is not in any other nitric oxide supplement. No hype… it just worked for me.

Anabolic Power Blend

F3 Nutrition Annihilate Reviews

Like my mini shaker cup? Perfect for pre workouts

Love me these ingredients. Creatine, beta alanine, and the BCAAs (leucine, valine, and isoleucine).

These all have their purposes and are all backed by science. Creatine for energy and muscle growth, beta alanine for endurance and anti-fatigue, and the BCAAs work for both anabolic muscle growth / anti-breakdown AND endurance.

I don’t know the dosages of these, but it’s a total of 4g. I’d say roughly 1.25g creatine, 1g Leucine, 0.75g beta alanine, and .5g of isoluecine and valine each. That makes about 4g. Just wild guesses. It takes me about 2g of beta alanine to get the “tingles”, and this has never given it to me.

So if you’re going for endurance, you’ll want another 3g of beta alanine somewhere else in your day, and for creatine, add roughly 4 more grams of creatine monohydrate.

Note that F3 chose to use the quality stuff – Creapure brand creatine monohydrate and Carnosyn brand beta alanine. Pure, proven stuff – Not some junk from China.

Nutrition Facts and Sweeteners

There’s 1g of sugar and 2g of total carbs here. That comes from a dash of sugar in the sweeteners, which is topped off by sucralose and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K).

1g of sugar pre workout is fine, and I’d MUCH rather have this than nasty maltodextrin. Bulkers and dieters can both enjoy this. The taste is worth it, and I’m guessing it’s 100x better with that little gram of sugar than not.


Overall, F3 hit a solid home run here. It’s a 9.5/10 for what I’m looking for – a well-balanced pre workout. I can’t argue with the results, and the taste is phenomenal.

It’s not going to please the people who need 3 scoops of Jack3d or 2 scoops of CRAZE, but it WILL please you casual workout buffs who enjoy C4 Extreme and want something that tastes better and hits quicker (C4’s nitrates are slow to get their pump going – this is not).

Note: If you’re into endurance, check out F3’s Air Speed – it has tons of stuff I separately stack together for the month before my endurance swims – lots of studies behind it!

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