Gaspari SuperDrive is Out!

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Update: This post was original titled Gaspari Attack, but they have since changed the name to SuperDrive

Are you excited for Gaspari SuperDrive? Rumors have been flying after Gaspari they released Myofusion Probiotic. During the event, Gaspari answered questions and even hinted that there will be 3 more products to be released after Vasotropin!

Gaspari SuperDrive – What is it going to be?

After the release event of Myofusion Probiotic, a lot of thread topics in bodybuilding forums have been created about the possibility of Attack as a new supplement from Gaspari Nutrition.

Rumors about this new product range from an entirely different supplement to a ready-to-drink (RTD). There’s no definite information yet and it seems likely that SuperDrive will be a concentrated pre workout. There’s also no indication that it will be a “pump” supplement as Gaspari already has SuperPump MAX… but this one should go after more energy.

Speculations from Enthusiastic Users of Gaspari Supplements

SuperDrive talk has been buzzing in forums. In several forums about Gaspari’s new supplement, some users can’t help but mention Attack and SuperDrive several times.

Numerous thread topics about the rumored supplement have been created – here are some of the speculations from Gaspari supplement users:

It Won’t replace Gaspari Super Pump Max

Several users have expressed relief that SuperDrive won’t be replacing SuperPump Max. The pump supplement from Gaspari Nutrition is already a solid product with its various ingredients targeting the cardiovascular system.

gaspari attack vs super pump max

SuperDrive won’t be Replacing SuperPump MAX

However, some users speculate that the supplement might contain some of the ingredients found in Super Pump Max. Creatine monohydrate might be an ingredient but there have been no confirmation from reps yet. But the general consensus agrees that SuperDrive won’t be under the pump category.

A Possible RTD Energy Booster?

Gaspari Nutrition SuperDrive might be also a new supplement RTD that can provide a rapid boost of energy. But from the looks of it, it’s going to be a concentrated powder pre workout. With the pump category covered by SuperPump MAX, the rumored supplement might be more on energy. This ties in with the initial rumors about “Attack” (now named SuperDrive) being an RTD. It’s going to be a very convenient PWO that won’t require mixing.

Possible Gaspari SuperDrive Ingredients

Several users entertained ideas of the ingredients being similar to those in Detonate, with performance enhancers mixed in one RTD package. Detonate is already a strong pre workout supplement with B-Phenylethylamine HCl and several extracts from Dendrobium, green tea and coffee bean.

Detonate also has BioPerine, Asian Ginseng and several other ingredients that can increase energy. However, Detonate lacks endurance enhancers, something that some users commented about. This led several bodybuilders and athletes to speculate that the ingredients might include Citrulline, Creatine Monohydrate, and LOLA as well as energy increasing ingredients from Detonate.

Confirmed Information about Super Drive

gaspari attack ingredient caffeine

Confirmed Ingredient – Caffeine

Information has been trickling steadily and one ingredient is confirmed by the Vice President of Brand Strategy and Product Development of Gaspari Nutrition.

Apparently, Super Drive will contain at least 200 milligrams of Caffeine per serving. This might not be popular with most users who report caffeine related side effects. However, a lot of studies have been done about Caffeine and compared to most stimulants, Caffeine is a safer alternative. It’s just a matter of avoiding other caffeinated drinks, food and supplements.

And there you have it, SuperDrive is a confirmed product although details have been sparse, it’s coming soon!


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