Giant Sports Metabolic BioShock

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Giant Sports, the company best known for their Delicious Protein, has completely outdone themselves (and the rest of the market) with a pre workout supplement that’s in a class of its own!

That pre workout is Metabolic BioShock, and it’s now our #1 workout supplement for anyone looking for energy, endurance, and general health.

The BioShock Ingredients

There are a lot of ingredients in this one — many of which that are never in other other pre workouts yet are beneficial for overall health — and the greatest part of it all is that the formula is 100% open!

  • Each scoop features 150mg of caffeine, so most users will be somewhere between 1 and 2 scoops for their ideal workout.

  • There are over 3g of branched-chain amino acids in each scoop, making this an incredible pre workout for those of us who work out on empty stomachs or are doing circuits / cardio / endurance activities.

  • One incredible thing that’s not found in many other pre-workouts (because it’s expensive): Coenzyme Q10. Great for energy, great for the heart, great for general focus.

  • Glutamine nitrate for some endurance-boosting effects as well as a small nitric oxide pump. Note that this isn’t the most “pump-heavy” pre workout, though. Giant Sports has something else coming soon for that…

  • Joint protection thanks to both glucosamine and MSM in here — both of which are rarely in other workout supplements.

  • …and much, much more. The scoop is heavy, so we’re just scratching the surface here!

The Price Comparison Engine Team Review

Mike, CJ, and Brad over at Price Comparison Engine reviewed the BioShock. See what they had to say about it below:

Overall, this stuff is LOADED, and if you’re looking for energy, endurance, and overall health from a workout supplement, look no further.

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