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Note: This is for Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate, the newer version that has zero carbs and more energy. If you’re interested in the older version with carbs, see Hemo Rage Black.

Hemo Rage Ultra Concentrate by Nutrex is the new wave in pre workout supplements. It is a super concentrated and very potent formula that requires 1 scoop at most. Hemo Rage uses just 7 extremely pure and ultra effective ingredients in its formula. Nutrex likes to promote it by saying it’s the same difference between a shot of whiskey and a beer. It is extremely concentrated and will hit you quickly and efficiently. All you need is one easy scoop and you will be ready for a pre workout experience unlike anything else. You will have tons of energy, super pumps, amazing looking vascularity, pinpoint mental focus, clarity, and personal record shattering strength and muscle mass gains.

Athletes have been waiting for an ultra concentrated and super strength 1 scoop pre workout supplement for years and years. No other product on the market packs as powerful a punch as Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate does in only 1 scoop per serving. Be warned that this formula is extremely potent and could possibly be way too strong for certain people. You will never ever need more than 1 scoop!

Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Benefits

Hemo Rage is an extremely serious pre workout product. It is the most potent and powerful pre workout detonator that has ever been seen before. You will benefit from endless energy to get you through you workouts. Your muscles will be super pumped and have amazing vascularity. The 7 ingredients in Hemo Rage will keep you focused with a clear mind during the entire workout. All of this combined means that you will be able to work out hard, get stronger, and see massive lean muscle gains!
It comes in three great tasting flavors: Brusin’ Berry, Malicious Melon, and Sucker Punch (Fruit Punch).

Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Ingredients

  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine
  • Taurine
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • 1,3 Dimethylamylamine
  • Huperzine A

Because this is a blend, the exact amounts of each ingredient are not disclosed. However, the effects you will experience are completely balanced and you will never feel any over stimulation.

Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Side Effects

Most users feel their entire body tingle when they first take the supplement. This is due to the beta alanine and the potency of the product and will stop happening after prolonged use. It is safe when these “beta alanine tingles” occur. The worst side effect described by most users is some slight nausea during high intensity workouts. If this type of nausea is experienced, then you should cut doses back slightly until you obtain the desired result.

As with any supplement, see your doctor for any specific questions you may have.

Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Reviews

“This has been the Best Pre workout supplement ever. I have tried all the top expensive brands out there with no results. Jack3d was doing a good job but I cannot stand the tingling sensation all over my body. It is so irritating. Nutrex Rage gives me a nice pump smooth ride throughout my workout with only one scoop.”

“I bought this product a couple weeks ago and I love it. Hemo Rage Black UC gives me the energy and focus to get in a great workout and I don’t crash at all off a full scoop. After about an hour after drinking it I hit my peak and I feel like the hulk and I can just keep going and going. So it doesn’t taste the best but it’s not bad at all. My opinion is that if you’re not going to take a pre workout because it doesn’t taste good, you just need to grow a pair and deal with it. Who really cares about taste when you only have to drink 4-5 oz of it? I would recommend this product to anyone that needs the extra energy boost to make it though their workout.”

Where to Buy Hemo Rage

When you are ready to buy Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate for your pre workout supplement, you should consider purchasing it online. When you buy supplements online you can save up to 40% off of retail costs. This means super savings for you. Check out the price comparison widget on this page to find the cheapest prices around. You might even be able to get free shipping and no tax.

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