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Note: This is about the NON-Concentrate version of Hemo-Rage, also known as Hemo Rage black. If you’re interested in the newer, zero-carb, concentrated version, see this HEMO-RAGE page.

How many scoops do you need in your pre-workout supplement? Two? Three? Four? Don’t you find it extremely ridiculous how workout supplement manufacturers ask you to throw so much of their products in your canteen? Before you know it, you have emptied the contents of your supplement in just two weeks and you’re off to the health store to buy a new one. If you’ve had it with ineffective workout supplements created for weak losers, allow HEMO-RAGE Black to show you how your workout supplement should be.

Intense, High-Octane Effects With Just One Measly Scoop

Brace yourself, ready your body, and prepare yourself for the most hardcore and high-octane weight loss supplement in the market. HEMO-RAGE Black is a pre-workout detonator that will supercharge you like the Hulk in your workouts, and all with just one little scoop! You don’t have to take so many scoops of your work out supplement just to feel its effects, HEMO-RAGE Black, with its supercharging, muscle ripping, blood pumping effects is bound to change that. Theres absolutely no reason to be afraid. The only thing that’s going to be more frightening than the product itself is you after a heaping glass!

One scoop is all you need to feel the effects of HEMO-RAGE Black. This exercise supplement is not for the weak of heart. As a matter of fact, going anywhere beyond one scoop can be very dangerous, so daredevils be warned. The product is so strong that the manufacturer advises consumers to level the measuring cup before dumping the powder in your canteen. With HEMO-RAGE Black, you wont need any more. Why would you only need one scoop of this exercise supplement? Imagine HEMO-RAGE Black to be a shot of whiskey while other supplements are a glass of beer. You don’t have to be a drinker to know that a whiskey gets you down faster than beer does, and that’s because whiskey is concentrated alcohol. HEMO-RAGE acts in the same way whisky does. Just one cup is going to hit you hard and super fast. Users beware. This product may not be suitable for some people due to its strength. You’re about to experience a pre-workout experience unlike you’ve never been through before!

Mind and Muscle Bursting Effects!

HEMO-RAGE Blackis the only exercise supplement to go through territories no other supplements have dared to venture. The supplement produces a variety of effects that are a boon to muscle building. Among these advantages are promoting energy, supporting strength and focus, optimizing pumps, and building the muscle. For those who have no idea what that means, you may want the benefits explained in a manner that’s easier to understand. HEMO-RAGE provides you intense energy, tunnel-vision mental clarity and focus, blood-engorged vascularity, pumps that rip the skin, and record-setting strength and power that will help you propel your body to greater heights. HEMO-RAGE is the only thing you need to get that upper hand. While other people are pumping cheap, useless supplements in their bodies, you’ll only be pumping the ultimate.

But what Exactly is HEMO-RAGE Black?

HEMO-RAGE Black is a revolutionary work-out supplement that’s mega concentrated and super potent that you only need one scoop an entire day to reap its benefits. As opposed to the regular HEMO-RAGE product that contains 56 ingredients HEMO-RAGE Black chooses to focus on seven effective compounds and pure ingredients to provide you with unmatchable performance. This supplement is a no-nonsense work-out aid that will give you the energy and the efficiency you need to break records and reach what you thought was an unattainable goal. You only need one scoop to attain the monster body that you’ve always dreamed of!

Basically speaking, if you are bulking, stick with the regular product here. If you are cutting and want something slimmer with no carbs, it’s time to check out Hemo Black!

Other Things You Need to Know

To take HEMO-RAGE, all you need to do is to mix one scoop, levelled down, into you a 5 oz. Glass of cold water. Drink the formula thirty minutes before your workout routines. Under no circumstances should you opt to take more than one scoop a day. If you plan on busting it out on the gym unlike ever before, one scoop is all you need. Try it to believe it!

Users are only advised to take the product during training days and are not advised to cycle it as well. HEMO-RAGE will yield about 30 servings, and since you only need one scoop before your training sessions, one tub will give you 30 high-octane training sessions to help you reach your desired muscle gain. Manufacturers of HEMO-RAGE Black refuse to give out the amount of caffeine they have in their formula for its a part of a proprietary formula that must be kept secret.

If you’re looking for the most intense, muscle and mind bursting workouts that will help you reach your goal as fast as possible, challenge yourself and get unbelievable strengths! Getting your products online will help you save up to 40% of the original price. You may even receive free shipping without sales tax if you know where to look!

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