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We’ve just received word that MusclePharm, famous for their aggressive UFC advertising and the current top pre workout supplement, Muscle Pharm Assault, is coming out with a nitric oxide supplement named Hybrid NO to help round out their line of pre workout products.

Update Feb 15, 2012 – We now have the ingredients listing and are updating the page below. In short, this is going to be a stimulant-free pump product that can be stacked with Assault and has a SERIOUSLY powerful mix of ingredients for ridiculous pumps. I’m almost worried these pumps will be TOO strong – to the point of nearly painful!!! Read on…

Update 2 – It’s Arnold time and Hybrid NO is now ready to ship! Our links to the exclusive deal are now live – click on the image to the right to try it – there’s even a great little sample size if you’re not sure (but trust us, this stuff is epic, so don’t be afraid to get the full serving)

What is Hybrid NO?

As we expected, this is not an energy product, but purely a pump product. This means that it will increase bloodflow to your muscles when working out (yes, even your “man muscles”, but that’s not the point of this product…)

This enables you to temporarily increase your peak output power, providing for better/stronger/heavier workouts and more muscle growth during recovery IF you eat big and eat right! (See diet plan on the right side of this page)

Hybrid NO takes a new blend of 6 main ingredients, each which are known to give you sweet nitric oxide pumps in the gym, and adds them all together.

Basically, this is a Muscle Pharm “kitchen sink special” of pump ridiculousness. Back in the day, companies like MuscleTech and BSN would throw together “kitchen sink” products hoping that a few of the active ingredients would work. Those days were ridiculous, stupid, and I’m glad they’re over.

So… BS proprietary kitchen sink? Not here with MusclePharm Hybrid NO. Not by a long shot. In fact, we know exactly what we’re getting here, since it’s NOT a proprietary blend. Thank you Team MP for doing this!

Anyway, it’s instead a kitchen sink of ingredients that ALL cause incredible pumps. Every single one of them — and each one far beyond anything with l-arginine in it. I know because I’ve not only read the science, but I’ve mixed a few of these ingredients together on my own and it was sick – but honestly never all 6 of them at once. I simply cannot wait to try this.

We had a feeling Hybrid NO would be pretty crazy. The tagline “GET SWOLE, LIVE SWOLE” was a nice hint. We’re not completely sure what “Hybrid” means, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a sick listing of ingredients.

The only way to find out where to buy this is to stay tuned here – we’ll keep this page updated with all of the info.

Hybrid NO Ingredients

So let’s have at it! One serving is 4 capsules, and honestly, I think you’ll be able to get away with 2 or 3 capsules if you’re smaller or wnat to save some cash.

  • First, there’s 750mg of agmatine sulfate. I have taken this ALONE and have been floored by the pumps, especially on heavy days. Basically, this is the stuff that REALLY does the work when arginine gets converted into it during the nitric oxide synthase reaction. So why use arginine? Cut to the chase and go with AGMATINE. It’s for real, as you all will see soon.
  • After that, 750mg of Citrulline Malate 2:1, which has been popular in pump and energy supplements. I personally don’t get as much of a kick out of this as some people, but others swear by it. I will definitely be feeling the Agmatine more, but this is a welcome addition.
  • Then you have 500mg of GPLC. This is a favorite by Marc Lobliner, and I’ve taken it alone with some good results — but when stacking it, I had an arm workout that was nearly painful. This is the combo that really makes me think you’ll be able to get away with 2-3 capsules… but if you have the cash or are a big boy, go for 4 caps and it’s game on.
  • Beet Root Extract, which brings the nitrates. THis will give you long-lasting pumps, so you’re still feeling juiced up after your workout is long over. This became popular in White Flood v2, and while it’s nice in there alone, it’s going to be the ying to the above ingredients’ yang. Meaning, the short burst pumps come from above, the long-lasting muscle-tearing effect will come from the beet root. Great synergy here!
  • Finally, we close it out with 200mg of Hawthorn Berry Powder and 10mg of Rutaecarpine. I don’t know much about the latter, so I’ll do some research and get this page updated for you. I assume it’s some sort of blood flow or pump agent though, but we’ll see.

When is the Hybrid NO Release Date?

Hybrid NO is set to release on March 1, which is right in time for the 2012 Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH.

If you have never been to the Arnold Classic, it’s a MUST. There is everything from training competitions to bodybuilding contests to powerlifting events – but best of all is the showroom floor, which has basically EVERY supplement manufacturer, including Muscle Pharm, showing off their latest and greatest stuff (and giving out tons of samples). You will never sample more protein in your life, so definitely meet us up at the Arnold Classic this year!

Will this Help me Build Muscle?

Directly? No, not really. It is a pre workout pump product that ENABLES you to do more in the gym via higher blood delivery (ie nutrients!) to your muscles. But indirectly? YES – If you eat and train right!

You will tear your muscles more with this stuff, which is why I say that it could give you even painful pumps. But that’s what we GO for when we’re in muscle-building mode!

But at the end of the day, if you’re not eating right – and I’m talking about tons of real protein, real whole foods (yams and sweet potatoes!) that includes healthy fats and carbs, and the occasional whey protein shake – then you’re not going to get anything but a fun workout and expensive pee out of this product. That’s the truth.

So enjoy the best of both worlds: check out the diet book listed on the right side of this page – it’s FREE – and get ripped with a combo of Hybrid NO and a REAL food plan.

A bit on Muscle Pharm

The cool thing about MusclePharm is that they are the self-proclaimed “Athlete’s Company”. ALL of their products are NSF-Certified, meaning that their is no chance that they will cause you to fail a drug test. Their facilities are certified to be pure and contaminant free, and cross-contamination with any banned substances simply will not happen.

It’s interesting that MusclePharm is actually a publicly traded company, under the stock ticker MSLP.OB on NASDAQ. They were founded in 2008, and have basically been hemorrhaging money since their loss, with astounding profit margins of -166.04% and the like. If you’ve ever seen a UFC event on TV, you won’t be surprised.

The question is, will MusclePharm be around forever? Can they turn profit at some point before investment dries up? What is the end game here? Or are we just falling in love with a company whose products won’t be here in two years?

Personally here, while I won’t bet the farm on this one, I will bet that Hybrid NO kicks ass, just like the rest of their product line. Will that be enough to keep this company alive? We sure hope so.

In the meantime… you can get some Muscle Pharm Assault to last you through February before this one comes out!

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    Awesome write up. I even liked your piece at the end, talking about MP stock and profit issues. That’s a piece of information that is relevant, and I hadn’t even though of it.

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