ANS Performance Ritual - Our Top Rated Pre Workout

There really isn’t too much of a dispute over what the most popular pre-workout supplement is on the market right now. Jack3d (pronounced Jacked but also known as Jack 3D) from USPLabs has won over more users in the cut-throat competitive world of pre-workout supplements than any other product. It’s been a long-running #1 selling product on BB.com, and it rocks a 9.0+ rating after hundreds and hundreds of reviews. It’s not too hard to understand why, either, when you look at what Jack3d has going for it:

Why Jack3d is Current Pre-Workout Supplement King

  1. The energy complex in Jack3d.
    Jack3d was the first supplement to make use of 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl – originally discovered as an extract from geranium flower stems – which adds a new dimension to the world “stimulant”. Also known as DMAA, this extract provides a mild-mannered, long-lasting, incredibly euphoric feeling. It ensures that its users “get in the zone” every time. It’s so incredible, computer programmers and college students alike use it as a brain enhancer.

    In the meantime, Schizandrol A provides an additional “mind-muscle” connection, and because of these extra stimulants, Jack3d doesn’t need a truckload of caffeine to get you going. There is caffeine in Jack3d, no doubt, but it’s not so much that you start feeling sick and have a crash later on. The 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCl keeps you going when the caffeine has begun to wear off.

  2. No nonsense in Jack3d.

    Jack3d doesn’t contain unproven ingredients. There are no “fillers” like magnesium or nasty fat-storage-inducing maltodextrin. It simply has what you need, and nothing else. Creatine monohydrate (no need for ‘fancy’ creatine that hasn’t been tested as well in the lab as monohydrate), AAKG (the basis of this entire site), beta alanine for endurance, the energy complex… and you’re good to go.

    this is certainly no kitchen-sink product. Many companies throw a bunch of junk into a tub, top it off with 300mg of caffeine, and pray that something kicks. USPLabs is smarter than that… and that leads you to the next point:

  3. The value of Jack3d.

    45 servings for well under $25? That’s basically half the cost of its competitors. It’s easy to see why, too. When you have 6 ingredients that all work, you don’t need to spend $40 on a barrel of fluff.

    Also, how many Jack3d advertisements have you seen? Not too many, I’m guessing… because USPLabs doesn’t advertise close to as much as their competition – they don’t need to. Savings passed on to you and me.

  4. Natural flavoring and no artificial coloring

    Jack3d Flavors – All Natural

    The flavors downright rock. Not too strong, not too boring. Jack3d currently has Lemon-Lime, Grape Bubblegum, Tropical Fruit Punch (key word is tropical), White Blue Raspberry (my favorite, but only at GNC), and Raspberry Lemonade (the only one I haven’t tried yet).

    There are no artificial colors that cause cancer and dye your innards. If you need a cute, pink-colored drink to get you motivated to go the gym and perform like a beast… you might want to consider a new hobby. We’ll take our natural flavoring that won’t make our piss turn green.

  5. No calories, no carbs, no fat… nothin’ but fat burning!

    If you’re bulking and want to get an insulin spike, you can always add your own sugar or waxy maize to Jack3d. As for me and most other users… when we’re working out, we’re going for fat-burn as well as muscle-ripping pumps. So why pay for a product loaded with maltodextrin that you need to burn through before getting on with the fat burn? Simple answer – you don’t. You just get Jack3d instead.

  6. The USPLabs “X-Factor”

    USPLabs has gone from being an underdog in the supplement industry to a true threat to the giants. They are shaking things up and the competition is running scared. When you begin using their lineup of amazing products, you are joining an underground brotherhood (and sisterhood!) of workout warriors, athletes, and bodybuilders who need results, not bogus science.

    Jack3d has been imitated a lot over the past year… but never duplicated. You just can’t match the USPLabs X-Factor.

You can read more about Jack3d at www.jack3d.org