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After the entire DMAA fiasco, USP Labs has reinvented their all-time favorite pre-workout supplement, Jack3d. Specifically designed to act as a complementary supplement to the original, Jack3d Micro is 100% DMAA free. Apart from NOT being dosed with the DMAA, a substance under scrutiny for its safety, the new pre workout supplement is formulated with a new set of ingredients. The resulting product offers an entirely new experience — let’s get into that right now!

Review: the Jack3D Micro Experience

First off, let me start with the taste – it is incredible.  A fruit punch that is different than anything you’ve drank – preworkout or otherwise.  Not too sweet, not too tart.  With some supplements, you begin to get sick of it by the end of the tub.  Not here.  With this fruit punch, you start wanting it again after it’s long gone!  So the taste makes the long haul.

But the most important thing for me were the pumps and clean energy.  Pump-wise, I can’t do any endurance cardio while using it – things just get TOO cumbersome, if that’s the right word.  But in the gym?  It’s incredible.  Just when you start thinking you might get winded, the third ingredient (arginine nitrate) kicks in, and your workout goes up yet another level.  The formulation is amazing.

Energy-wise, it’s not going to get you “wired” as much as the original Jack3d.  Some people miss that, but others love it.  The pumps more than make up for it.  What you will get is a clean, fat-burning style of energy that’s given by the higenamine, and a slightly smaller dosage of caffeine.

If you have a high stimulant tolerance and are expecting something like the original Jack3d, you’re going to need a bit more of this.  If your stim tolerance is lower, you’ll totally enjoy the clean balance of energy and pumps.  I compare it to Cellucor C4 Extreme, except the pump profile is far more impressive, and the higenamine is better if you’re looking for fat burning in the process.

The Ingredients

Now, let’s take a look at the insides. Is Jack3D Micro really all that different? The proof is in the ingredients – we’re looking at an entirely new set of pump boosters, nitric oxide enhancers, and antioxidants with new technology, bringing us a newer, cleaner, and a much more effective level of pre-workout supplementation.

Compared to the classic Jack3d, which is heavily driven by DMMA, a new list of much cleaner pump boosters are in play here. But, as DMMA has proven to be rather effective in getting those pumps to an optimal level, in order to match the original Jack3d’s pump boosting efficiency, USP Labs designed the Tri-Pump System.

Basically, the Tri Pump System is what allows longer lasting and sustained pumps during and even after workouts. It contains 3 main pump boosters —

  • L-citrulline – the primary pump ingredient, enhancing the body’s nitric oxide levels which in effect affords better nutrient distribution, improved energy levels, and faster rate of recovery
  • Arginine nitrate – the secondary pump ingredient, further enhancing the nitric oxide levels of the body and magnifies the already incredible pumps synergistically delivered by the other pump ingredients.
  • Agmatine sulfate – a support pump ingredient, naturally a decarboxylation product of the amino acid arginine which is best known for boosting the body’s nitric oxide production. Agmatine sulfate afford an enhanced nutrient transport, better nutrient partitioning and a healthier blood flow.

Apart from the Tri Pump System with nitric oxide enhancers that make up the pump boosting component, Jack3d Micro also contains Micro Technology. This means a very specific set of ingredients is used to achieve optimal effects in targeted areas, all while using only the minimal dosage possible. In essence, Micro Technology is the use of minimal dosing to optimize athletic performance, cognitive functions, and motivation.

Apart from the already mentioned pump boosters, the other active ingredients of Jack3d Micro that are specifically designed to make full use of the Micro Technology are the following –

  • Caffeic acid (3,4-Dihydroxycinnamic Acid) – makes for the antioxidant ingredient of Jack3D Micro. Caffeic acid has been found to possess anti cancer qualities, as well as anti-fatigue and anti-inflammatory properties that is crucial in post-workout recovery. Together with Arginine nitrate, it is among the main reasons why Jack3d Micro users continue to crush their workouts.
  • Norcoclaurine HCl / Higenamine – what makes for the weight loss component. A thermogenic stimulant that naturally occurrs in the Nandina plant, Higenamine allows your body to burns fat at a faster rate.
  • Caffeine – the only ingredient that is being shared by both the original and reinvented Jack3d. As a stimulant, caffeine improves the body’s energy levels, and enhances cognitive functions, allowing for better focus, drive, and motivation. It has also been found improve the rate at which the body replenishes muscle glycogen stores which makes it highly efficient in improving post workout recovery.
  • Vitamin C – promotes overall health. Among the more versatile nutrients, benefits of vitamin C include, among others, a more improved immune system, enhanced cardiovascular system, and better skin and eyesight. Also, Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that protects the body against free radical damage. Recent studies show that Vitamin C is also crucial in protecting the body against cancer and strokes.

Jack3d vs Jack3d Micro

Jack3d vs Jack3d Micro

As much as the original Jack3d is a legendary pre-workout masterpiece, Jack3d Micro doses the body with a much cleaner and longer lasting energy.

Put simply, because the classic formulation is loaded with the superior but questionable pump ingredient DMAA, and because it has a more potent caffeine content, Jack3d is the more ideal supplement for endurance and cardio workouts.

On the other hand, because of the Tri-Pump System and the Micro Technology that it has adapted to its design, Jack3d Micro magnifies pumps and is therefore more ideal for workouts that tend to use quick release of energy such as heavy weightlifting and sprinting.

Also, Jack3d Micro betters the original Jack3d when it comes to leaving the body tingle-free because of the absence of Beta-Alanine. Although, Jack3d Micro might cost you a little more than most pre-workout supplements that are available in the market, this one is a sure bang out your buck.

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