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L-Arginine is the non-essential amino acid that is the basis of nearly every nitric oxide product in existence. It is safe, effective, and inexpensive, and that’s why we love it. There are many forms of L-Arginine, and each behaves a bit differently. As explained below, L-Arginine helps your body produce extra nitric oxide air and expands the veins (vasodilation), giving your muscles incredible pumps when weightlifting, improving nutrient delivery via better bloodflow to all organs, and even lowers blood pressure!

The main function of L-arginine, also commonly known simply as Arginine is to aid your body in removing waste and synthesizing much-needed proteins. It is however considered as a semi to non-essential amino acid simply because even if you require it in your diet, your body is not capable of synthesizing the required amounts by itself.

Basically, this natural amino acid is the basis of nearly every pre-workout supplement listed on this site, including NO3 Chrome, which you can get a free trial here (NO3 Chrome is a product that uses the best variation of the amino). It’s incredible for a reason – safe, effective, inexpensive, and makes workouts (and bedtime activities…) WAY better.

Why Nitric Oxide Supplements with L-Arginine Work Better

Undoubtedly, one of the more vital characteristic of L-arginine is also the one deemed by bodybuilders as the most important, which is its vasodilator effect. What in the world is vasodilation you ask? Simply put, vasodilation is the process by which your blood vessels open up. It is actually when the tiny muscles located in the arteries and larger veins become very relaxed. Now, in bodybuilding lingo, this is called ‘muscle pump’.

Arginine is also frequently utilized by individuals with high blood pressure and chronic hypertension because of its vasodilator effect, but that is under a physician’s supervision only. Likewise, because it is vital to increasing your blood flow, it is also usually found not only in pre-workout supplements, but in erectile dysfunction supplements as well. However, you must speak to a doctor before beginning any supplementation program – this is not intended to cure or treat any medical conditions.

Additionally, L Arginine is related to improved protein synthesis which results in the production of essential proteins that lead to enhanced results for your body. It also functions to increase the resistance of your immune system permitting bodybuilders to workout with more intensity and lessening drawbacks associated with sickness.

L-arginine naturally occurs in dairy products, animal proteins, a variety of legumes, and soy. Manufacturers of Arginine supplements actually derive this amino acid from legumes and soy, making this is great piece of news for vegetarian bodybuilders. These foods, as well as bodybuilding supplements with L-arginine will allow you to train at your finest without having to worry about being ill or losing gas.

The Link between L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide

NOS or Nitric Oxide is defined as a chemical compound or nitrate and a ‘messenger gas’ that is actually generated from the amino acid L-arginine. The link between Arginine and Nitric Oxide was first discovered by researchers circa late 90s. The researchers found out about this beneficial association when they were trying to figure out the physical mechanism L-arginine uses to regulate vascular tone and promote relaxation of the blood vessels.

It was then discovered that L-arginine, along with Nitric Oxide are capable of boosting the favorable effects of anabolic muscle building in nutritional, exercise, and bodybuilding supplements. Likewise, since Nitric Oxide can effectively stimulate muscle growth and Arginine can boost synthesis of muscle protein, growth of the muscle fibers happens at a highly amplified rate.

Likewise, increased nutrient transport because of vasolidation’s effect of enhanced blood flow efficiently feed your muscles while working out which then allows improved benefits while you are on the period of post workout recovery. The effects of Arginine are felt after your body’s enzymes turn it into Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide on the other hand is also capable of relaxing your blood vessels which aid in increasing blood flow and keeping your arteries flexible. Likewise, as a ‘messenger gas’, it is capable of effortlessly traveling from one cell to another for providing nutrients to your skeletal muscle and transporting oxygen. This process is known as hemodilation.

This process starts in your blood vessels’ endothelial layer where a chemical reaction among Calmodulin and Nitric Oxide happens resulting in the Endothelial Relaxing Factor. Calmodulin is a protein that is based in calcium. A neurotransmitter or chemical messenger then passes to your blood vessels’ muscles which will lead to the blood vessels’ increased diameter or vasolidation.

Cellulor NO3 Chrome – L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide at Work

NO3 Chrome by Cellulor is a pre-workout supplement that uses potent ingredients capable of boosting the effects of Nitric Oxide. This advanced pre-workout supplement uses NO3 in the structure of Arginine Nitrate which is a combination of Nitric Acid and L-Arginine.

We are happy to announce that there is an NO3 Chrome Free Trial featured on this site – see all the way below for a link or read on for more info first!

The main ingredient of Cellulor NO3 Chrome is Arginine Nitrate which as stated earlier is a combination of L-arginine and Nitric Acid. As you know by now, L-arginine is a powerful precursor to NO and is capable of promoting insulin secretion and growth hormone, as well as heightening strength and vascularity.

On the other hand, Nitrate is a super absorbable Nitric Acid derivative and is an efficient vasodilator that expands your muscles’ blood pathways leading to muscle pumps and enhanced delivery of nutrients and blood flow. The fusion of these potent and highly effective vasodilators produces unsurpassed Nitric Oxide levels in your body which will provide you with longer lasting pumps.

Along with Arginine Nitrate, NO3 Chrome also makes use of Pycnogenol. This ingredient is capable of stimulating the eNOS found in your arterial cell walls which then enlarges your blood vessels up to a whopping 78.4%. Likewise, clinical trials reported that Pycnogenol was also found to be capable of improving oxygen transport and blood flow to your muscles which amplifies endurance and exercise and athletic performance up to 21%.

In addition, NO3 Chrome also comes with Norvaline which is a vital ingredient normally not included in other Nitric Oxide supplements because of its relatively high cost. This ingredient can inhibit Arginase which then reduces your body’s capability to limit production of Nitric Oxide.

In this context, your body will not be able to effectively maximize the production of Nitric Oxide from precursors such as L-Arginine and you are simply wasting money, time and effort you put into your workout sessions when you take inferior Nitric Oxide supplements.

Overall, because of the synergistic effect produced by L-Arginine 1000mg and Nitric Oxide, we can conclude that pre-workout supplements containing L-Arginine are superior to those that don’t have it. Moreover, there are actually bodybuilders who take L-Arginine as a post-workout supplement in order to better stimulate enhanced nutrient delivery and blood flow.

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