L-Arginine Dosage

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Can you imagine yourself fifteen pounds heavier and full of muscle? Ridiculously solid erections? If that has been a dream of yours for a long time then it is about time to take a heavy L-Arginine dosage. But what’s the right dosage? Well, it’s really tough to say as we’re all different and have different needs, but most nitric oxide supplements that contain Arginine have roughly 1-2g per serving, and you can take 1-3 scoops.

5g of Arginine is where people really start to feel the pumps… but 15g is where the side effects show up. Many of these supplements come in the form of AAKG, and in one study, 4g @ 3x/day showed significant strength increases[1].

Of course, before beginning any supplementation program, it’s important to speak to your doctor or certified physical practitioner. The study referenced above shows that arginine supplements (at least the AAKG type) are well-tolerated though.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is a potent amino acid that helps you build muscles and explosive strength. This amino acid is essential for the synthesis of nitric acid in your body. Nitric acid is also an essential substance that supports muscle growth and strength. But nitric acid alone or L-Arginine alone will not help your body build the muscles you want. You need the combination of both substances to get the body you have always wanted. L-Arginine and nitric oxide is an explosive combination that helps you increase the size and strength of your muscles. You can be sure that you can get the results you want when you use these two substances at the same time. You should get an ample L-Arginine dosage to help you build the body you have always imagined.

Where can you get a Solid L-Arginine dosage?

Cellucor NO3 Chrome is an excellent source of L-Arginine and nitric acid. It has the best combination of L-Arginine and nitric acid that can help you build muscle and strength. The product synthesizes the two substances well to create a powerful formula that can deliver results. You can build the muscles you need to look good and feel good. Cellucor has a long standing reputation for delivering the best results when it comes to explosive muscle growth and strength.

When to take L-Arginine?

Cellucor NO3 Chrome has plenty of ingredients to help you build muscle but the most potent ingredient is arginine nitrate. Arginine nitrate is a vital ingredient because it amplifies and synthesizes the power of nitric acid in your body. The right L-Arginine dosage will help you develop the muscles you need to get bigger and stronger. L-Arginine and nitric acid can help fuel your muscles with the nutrients it needs to get bigger and stronger while enabling you to stay that way for a long period of time.

L-Citrulline Malate is a part of the ingredients of Cellucor NO3 Chrome that can help you build and develop muscles. It provides the fuel your muscles need to endure long hours of strength training to help you overcome muscle fatigue. The more times you can work out, the better results you will get. Plus, with the proper nutrients you can pump iron longer. Pycnogenol is another substance included in Cellucor that can help improve your muscle strength and endurance. This substance can help you build muscles and help them stay strong and large. An added benefit of this substance is it prevents erectile dysfunction allowing you to maintain your performance in bed.

The best time to take L-Arginine supplements is before and after your workout. You can sustain the nutrients that your muscles need when you take substances before and after your routine. You can also repair the muscle cells that have been damaged when you take the right supplements.

What are the benefits of the right L-Arginine Dosage?

The right L-Arginine dosage can help boost your strength, stamina, and increase the size of your muscles. You can be sure that you will get muscle mass and strength gains if you consistently take this product. It gives you the necessary fuel your muscles need to gain and sustain the size you want. It can also raise the endurance of your muscles to help you hit the gym more often and regularly. Of course, this product is only a supplement that can help you gain size. At the end of the day, you still have to hit the gym and exercise to get the muscles you want.

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