Arginine Nitrate – The Newest Member of the Nitric Oxide Family

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If you’re looking for a new way to get a huge pump in the gym — beyond what’s in typical arginine-based pre workout supplements, then it’s time to read on about arginine nitrate, one of the newest ingredients that’s being included in two of the hottest new workout supplements.

Arginine nitrate is part of the nitric oxide family that’s all the rage these days, and helps your body by injecting a shot of NO into your muscles and bloodstream during your workout. Popular new products released in 2011 like Yok3d and NO3 Chrome are including it as the active ingredient in their product, and it has shown fantastic results. Taken about a half hour after your workout, arginine nitrate will help your body to get more out of all the effort that you just put in. But more importantly, if taken around 90 minutes before a workout (see the product’s dosage instructions), you’ll experience higher levels of energy and increased focus.

When you include arginine nitrate as part of your workout, you’ll experience some solid strength gains along with ferocious pumps, and well-defined vascularity!

Arginine Nitrate – How it Works

In a broad sense, Arginine Nitrate does the same general thing that L-Arginine based products do – they help drive nitric oxide into your muscles and bloodstream, promoting nutrient delivery as well as giving you aesome pumps, Arginine Nitrate takes advantage of a “reverse nitric oxide pathway”, which is extremely powerful, but unfortunately, takes a bit longer than standard L-arginine based products to get setup. Once you get the dosage and timing correct, expect incredible results (for us personally, 90 minutes before working out on an empty stomach or 2 hours with food when using Yok3d works best).

Most NO products use the older nitric oxide pathway named the “L-Arginine-N.O.-Synthase pathway”. Basically every other product on this site has L-Arginine (or some form thereof) and these products do indeed help get NO into your bloodstream – this is why we created this site.

But there’s another NO Pathway that can be used that has been proven in research to be safe and effective! This “reverse” pathway is known as the Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway – but don’t let the chemistry scare you too much – it’s actually very simple. Arginine Nitrate gets converted to NO2, which then gets converted to the NO we need.

Arginine Nitrate

The Nitrite-Nitrate Pathway

Best of all, this nitrate-nitrite pathway can be stacked with the L-Arginine for a completely monstrous pump (ie – stacking Jack3d and Yok3d).

This pathway is useful when there is a low amount of oxygen available (towards the middle and end of your workouts), and still creates vasodilation so that you can continue to get nutrients and as much muscle as possible to your muscles, especially when fatigue would normally be setting in.

Does arginine nitrate work? Yes! Thousands of people are including this supplement in their pre-workout protocols every single day because it actually accomplishes something uniquely amazing for them. This mainly comes in the form of increased energy, focus, and drive that it provides, and when you use a product with arginine nitrate, you won’t be lacking any of those benefits.

Increased energy and strength means that you’ll be able to work harder and longer. You won’t tire out as easily, and when you start to call it quits, your body will shift into sixth gear and tell you that you can go a little bit longer. You’ll have more stamina and feel like you could run for miles without breaking a sweat.

Arginine Nitrate – Who Can Use it?

Both men and women performing high-intensity anaerobic exercises should use this.

It’s no joke that nearly every one of Yok3d’s beta testers broke personal records in the weightroom. It’s definitely a strength weightlifter’s supplement. Yet when it’s finally time to step out of the gym or off the field, you’ll find that you’re not as tired or out of breath as you used to be. But it’s important to note that arginine nitrate is for anaerobic exercise — sprinting and weightlifting. If you’re a marathon runner or triathlete, you can skip this, but if you’re into CrossFit, P90X, or are working an intense weightlifting regimen, you should definitely give it a shot.

Where Can I Buy Arginine Nitrate?

Buy Arginine Nitrate in Yok3d at:

This is where things get a bit tricky. Unfortunately, the creators of arginine nitrate are only allowing their patent to be used by two companies: USPLabs and Cellucor NO3 Chrome. Currently, Yok3d is the only one that is out – so it’s your main option. Thankfully, you can find incredible deals on Yok3d using our price comparison widget to the side.

You can Buy Arginine Nitrate in Yok3d from our featured store or see the price comparisons above

Arginine Nitrate Side Effects

Nearly every user of Arginine Nitrate based products, such as Yok3d has had zero side effects. The only side effects with this product are very minor. A very limited number of people have experienced abdominal pain, bloating, or diarrhea. People with asthma could also experience a worsening of breathing.

In clinical studies, the small group of people that had these side effects sometimes experienced them for up to three months. Arginine nitrate may also interact with some heart medications and people on prescription drugs should speak to their doctor before taking any supplements, including Arginine Nitrate. Pregnant or nursing women should also not take supplements without talking to their doctor first.

It should be noted that, in the clinical studies with this type of nitrate, all of these side effects were mild, and nearly nobody gets them.


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  1. John Giacca 26. Jun, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    How large was the study?
    2. Was it a peer reviewed double blind placebo controlled study?
    3. How much in the study is required to produce effects?
    4. What were the actual results in the study, statistically significant?

  2. edz 12. Aug, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Is it safe to mix 2 different supplements 1 containing L- Arginine Nitrate(1250mg)(NO3) and the other containing L- Arginine (1000mg)(post workout mix)

    • Admin 12. Aug, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

      Yes that’s fine. I’ve mixed arginine nitrate with L-Arginine AKG and it’s fine. It was a Jack3d / Yok3d stack.

  3. jay courtney 19. Oct, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    Yes! Yok3d is the real deal. I take my Yok3d 90mins before workout and then take Jack3d/BCAA combo 30mins before and during workout. I can go all day and not need to stop… it’s awesome. No slow recovery for me either.

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