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Getting that firm and well-toned body that one can often see some celebrities showing off in television can be a reality. One only has to avail of L-Arginine powder, which is in many of the nitric oxide supplements on this site, to boost muscle mass in no time. L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that is responsible for eliciting hormonal responses so that during exercise, muscle-skeletal metabolism is enhanced. The body naturally produces L-Arginine but the amount is often not sufficiently utilized in the biosynthetic pathway. For this reason, additional L-Arginine can be made available in the body by eating foods rich in this compound.

L Arginine Powder Supplements

There are many commercially produced supplements that utilize the power of L-Arginine in its powder form. With these supplements, people who are keen on increasing their muscle mass do not need to look for food sources rich in L-Arginine. These products use L-Arginine powder and are taken orally to ensure that the compound is delivered to the body in its purest form. Such mode of delivery also ensures that the body will easily absorb L-Arginine for optimal efficiency. The faster the absorption rate, the quicker your body will benefit from the increased level of NO or Nitric Oxide that is triggered by the L-Arginine powder.

Pre-workout formulas like MRI Black Powder, NOW L-Arginine Powder, and NutraBio L-Arginine Powder commonly use L-Arginine powder because of its relation to NO. This compound is the by-product of L-Arginine with its chemical reaction with the enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase. The body’s natural biologic mechanisms are responsible for this process. Nitric Oxide is an essential chemical product that is responsible for physiological functions. With adequate Nitric Oxide in the body, the blood vessels relax naturally so that the cardiovascular system will work effectively. An increased blood flow means that more oxygen is delivered in the cells so that the body’s organs and muscles can perform their specific tasks.

There are also other benefits that can be derived from taking L-Arginine powder. This compound is important in the formation of body tissues due to polyamine production. Promoting tissue growth also affects the muscles, the body component that needs to be developed by most people who want to achieve a well-toned body.

…Even BETTER than L Arginine Powder – NO3 Chrome!

Now aside from L-Arginine, another supplement also stands out and is preferred by most people who are into bodybuilding. That product is Cellucor NO3. So what makes Cellucor NO3 different from other products that claim to have L-Arginine as its ingredient? Although it is taken as a capsule unlike L-Arginine powder supplements, Cellucor NO3 works better because this product makes use of a unique formulation in the form of Arginine Nitrate, to combine the power of muscle building response caused by L-Arginine and NO3 or nitrate as a vasodilator. Since nitrate is known for maximizing blood flow to the arteries, capillaries, and veins, it results in the activation of the smooth muscles for better pump. Nitrate also helps in exercise training because it coordinates vascular response.

Another great thing about Cellucor NO3 is that it contains Pycnogenol, an exclusive component that stimulates the activity of the enzyme called eNOS which are found in cells in the inner wall lining of the artery. eNOS acts as an artery dilator so that blood flow in the vessels are increased by up to 78.4%. This in turn is an effective way of augmenting one’s endurance when performing rigorous exercises and bodybuilding.

Of course, the difference does not end there. Cellucor NO3 Chrome is a nitric oxide booster product that integrates Norvaline, an Arginase inhibitor that helps enhance nitric oxide production. As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide is essential for increased vasodilation and blood flow for greater muscle strength. Other products claiming to be NO boosters usually leave out Norvaline as a constituent because of its high cost. But with Cellucor NO3, the body can maximize nitric oxide that is essential for improved muscle building.

Cellucor NO3 is taken by following a dosage chart printed on the back of the bottle. The general daily intake of NO3 Chrome is 1-3 tablets preferably taken on an empty stomach. It can be taken with other body building supplements for amplified effectiveness. All in all, Cellucor NO3 is a product you should look into. You can check out their website for more product and shipping details.

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