Lose Weight and Burn Fat with Pre Workout Supplements

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As most of us know, losing fat is no easy task. Losing fat and sparing muscle? Most would roll their eyes and say “good luck”. A variety of pre-workout supplements have been created to combat these realities, and a variety of combinations of those supplements exist as well. An excellent example of using a pre-workout supplement combination, or stack, to lose weight and burn fat, is the following supplement stack. We’ll first introduce you to the elements of the stack and why they work so well, before then giving you the time tested method of activating the stack to unlock the potent fat burner inside us all.

We’ll start with Jack3d. Elements of this supplement include the nitric oxide producing amino acid Arginine which boosts nitric oxide levels in the body, this increases blood flow to the muscles when the need for nutrients is the greatest, during your workout. Beta alanine has been shown to inhibit muscle fatigue and increase explosive power. Schizandrol provides a stimulating effect which also increases the force power output of muscles. The methylxanthines chemical group, of which caffeine is a member, gives the stimulating effect that fights fatigue and increases fat oxidation through the catecholamine signaling pathways in the brain. Rounding off the group is creatine monohydrate the tried and true supplement that gives muscles the quickly accessible supply of phosphate groups to power the chemical reactions that cause muscle contractions, in short, it gives your muscles more energy that translates into more output for you.

Recreate is a wonder supplement that increases fat loss in 27 different ways while having a very low stimulating effect, this allows you to consume it at nearly any time. A few highlights include stimulating healthy levels of testosterone to promote fat loss and muscle growth, stimulation of the fat oxidizing Hormone Sensitive Lipase(HSL), increased levels of cAMP which has been shown to spare muscle during hypocaloric periods as well as assisting in fat burning, and 24 other potent fat burning effects.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, CLA, is a concentrated amount of naturally occurring fats in our foods that have been shown to promote fat loss while sparing muscle in multiple controlled studies.

BCAAs, when present in the bloodstream, prevent the body from using muscles as a source of important amino acids. This upregulates muscle synthesis while reducing muscle degradation. Especially important during workouts.

Whey protein isolate is a form of whey protein that has been refined to include less carbs and fat, this eliminates excess calories in your main protein source during a hypocaloric regimen.

RoxyLean ECA is another supplement stack that includes the powerful thermogenic properties of the old ECA stack, without the risks of ephedra. It contains a breathing regulation supplement Aspidosperma Quebracho, to calm the effects of taking multiple stimulants and has many excellent reviews.

The Pre Workout Supplement Stack for Losing Weight

Now let’s get down to business. Starting with the your workout days, here is the easy to follow stack regimen that will have the pounds falling off and the weights begging you to stop hitting them so hard. Start with two capsules of Recreate right out of bed. Next have a serving of Jack3d 30 minutes prior to your workout. Fifteen minutes before working out start sipping on your favorite BCAA supplement. Continue to do so throughout your workout, with the final gulp following the end. Fifteen minutes later have your whey isolate shake. Later, 30 minutes before a meal, have a single Rec capsule instead of two.

Non workout days have you taking your CLA, your Roxylean ECA and sipping on BCAAs throughout the day.

Losing fat was never easier.

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