The Miami Beach Killer PUMP Workout

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You’ve probably heard the word on the street – the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout is the most intense workout that you can get right now! It was created by Herve Doliska, a 23 year old high school football coach with credentials from AFAA/ACE as a certified personal trainer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and 3 minors for several other fields such as Personal training, communications and even exercise psychology.

Rest assured, the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout isn’t just about shuffling about with weights. Herve has created a new workout that will include your whole mind and body. The workout will make you sweat buckets and feel good about it too!

The Miami Beach Killer PUMP Workout

This workout isn’t your regular workout. Herve made sure to include dynamic exercises, activity that can be done in different settings. The one big problem for most workouts is stagnation – the state wherein doing the same thing won’t produce a reaction anymore to your body or even excite your senses because you’ve been repeating it forever! The Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout is composed of several exercises using various tools, settings and more. You can also find this in Herve’s website as well as various training programs that he created.

Before Doing any Workout Programs

Before you begin any workout, it is highly suggested that you talk to your doctor first and check if there are any contraindications or special considerations to take into account. However, you can also talk to Herve Doliska and he’ll help you get the physical tests you need before you do the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout.

Make sure that you know your prescription medications, healthy history of past illnesses and familial diseases to serve as baseline data for Herve Doliska or any doctor.

How to Do Miami Beach Killer PUMP Workout

This workout combines natural movement and physiology to achieve a killer “muscle pump” or that feeling of fullness and satisfaction after a good workout. The whole workout would take about 1 to 2 hours because it’s imperative that you rest 45 to 50 seconds in between exercises.

The Preparation

Believe it or not, you’ll want to load up on a pre workout supplement before tackling the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout. The exercises will be intense and require a lot of energy, preferably from the fat stores that you have. Here are the suggested PWOs

  • DS CRAZE – One of the best PWO  supplements that contains natural ingredients for stimulation, energy release and more.
  • HEMAVOL – A plasma volumizer that can increase vascularity as well as muscular pumps.
  • Dexaprine – One of the most intense fat burners in the market. If you’re looking for a great fat burn this would be your best choice.
  • Jack3d – For a high energy workout, this supplement tops with insane energy and stimulation.

These are just suggestions. You can do the workout without any PWO but it will be tough. If you don’t like any of the listed PWO or you want workout supplements like a BCAA or Protein drink, you can check It’s a great site that contains categories and price comparisons so you’ll know where you can order and get a good deal.

The Warm Up

miami beach killer workout exercises

Dynamic exercises like Burpees help Prepare your Body during the Warm Up Phase

Let’s start with the warm up. It’s composed of several exercises to help you hit your target heart rate before you enter the full workout phase.

  • 20 reps of Burpees
  • 50 sets of Jumping jacks
  • 1 Minute of Mountain Climbers

If at any time you feel already winded or fatigue during warm up, you might be putting too much effort or may have an underlying problem. Don’t do the workout alone, it might be best to have guidance under a certified personal trainer like Herve.

Workout Phase

miami beach killer workout

One of the Classic Exercises in the Miami Beach Killer Workout – Arnold’s Dumblbell Shoulder Press

The following are the exercises of the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout

  • 4×8 Military dumbbell shoulder press
  • 4×8 Bench Press
  • 25 Push-ups
  • 3×12 Shrugs
  • 3×12 Front Raises
  • 25 Push-ups
  • 3×12 Chest fly
  • 4×10 Arm Curls
  • 50 Sit ups
  • 4×10 Tricep extensions/dips
  • 25 Push-ups

It might not look much but again, Herve is combining several exercises that makes you move across the gym with weights as well as standard cardiovascular and muscle toning workouts. The combined exercises will make you feel like doing a whole new workout as you achieve muscle pumps through an intense workout.

For complete instructions in performing the exercises, it’s highly suggested that you train with a CPT that knows the exercises. If your trainer “googles” the named exercises before teaching them to you, he’s probably not worth hiring! You can approach Herve Doliska himself as a trainer for the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout. After all, he did design the program!

Post Workout Cool Down

herve doliska trainer

Herve Doliska also has Other Training Programs

During this phase, help lower your heart rate again to normal levels by doing the “warm up” exercises.

  • 20 reps of Burpees
  • 50 sets of Jumping jacks
  • 1 Minute of Mountain Climbers

If you feel like the workout routine is too much, Herve also has several other methods and routines of various intensities at: Get Fit with Herve – Your Miami Beach Personal Trainer. You can work yourself up until your body is ready for the Miami Beach Killer PUMP workout!


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