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Update – August 9, 2013 – MTS Clash is out! Read the latest and compare prices at

There have been hushed whispers about a new product from the MTS Nutrition camp over the past few weeks. Apparently, the new supplement is called MTS Nutrition CLASH and it’s an all new pre workout supplement. The lid has been kept pretty tight with this product, but we hear that the PEA mix is going to be unbelievably good. Our best guess right now is that this is going to be a pre workout powder, but who knows.

What’s Going to be in MTS Clash?

The rumor of a really good PEA mix gets us excited. PEA, or Phenlethlamine HCl, is an all natural neuromodulator that exists in the brain. It is responsible for regulating mood, focus, and stress. This means that it will help you get into the right mindset for the gym so that you can maximize each and every workout. The ingredient is created in the brain from L-Phenylaline (an amino acid). It is found naturally in small amounts in chocolate and other foods. People with depression and/or attention deficit disorders often have lower than optimal amounts of PEA in their system. Having this ingredient in MTS Nutrition CLASH can make it a game changer in the pre workout industry.

What’s so Good about MTS Nutrition?

MTS Nutrition Supplements is a leader in the industry that has brought us many amazing products. Their mission statement is “To help people reach their goals through information on proper diet and training and by providing the highest quality, innovative and trusted supplements.” If you have every used one of their products, you know that they follow through on their promises.

Each one of the MTS Nutrition Supplements is guaranteed to:

  • Follow stringent NSF/GMP standards
  • Meet label claim and provide third party analyses for every single batch produced
  • Use only the highest quality raw ingredients
  • Carry the “Machine Muscle Approved” stamp

Other Products from MTS Besides Clash

Knowing that MTS Nutrition CLASH will abide by these standards already makes it a supplement that is worth having! Just take a look at Drop Factor, which is MTS’ famed fat burning supplement. Drop Factor succeeds in practice where all others have failed. It contains only the ingredients that are needed to see major fat loss and none of the junk fillers that can cause serious side effects. Drop Factor is well known for its ability to burn fat in the trouble areas of the body. This means that men will find it much easier to burn fat from their abdomen and “love handle” areas when they are using Drop Factor. Women will be able to melt fat away from their thighs and hips with ease when they take the MTS Nutrition fat burner.

The other product that is worth noting is MTS Nutrition MACHINE Whey Protein. This should be everyone’s go to whey supplement. It is a perfect “everyday” whey protein that includes extremely pure and high quality whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrates. Machine whey is what will help you pack on all of the lean muscle mass that you want while you burn excess fat. Similar to Drop Factor, Machine Whey provides you only with the ingredients that will help you reach your goals. Excess junk fillers have been left out with good reason – they cause more harm than good! Just imagine how quickly you will be able to beat your personal records when you stack Machine Whey and Drop Factor with MTS Nutrition CLASH!

Where and When to Buy MTS Clash

When you are ready to buy MTS Nutrition CLASH, please take a look at the price comparison widget that is located on this page! Buying your supplements online will save you up to 40% off of what you would normally pay in retail stores. Online retailers have much less overhead than traditional stores and can often pass on these savings to their loyal customer base. When you purchase your supplements online, you will often find deals that offer free shipping or zero sales tax. This means you will pay less for your supplements and have them delivered to your door for free! Check out the price comparison widget right now.

This website should be your go to resource for everything related to MTS Nutrition CLASH. Check back soon and often for updates about the release date as well as any other relevant information that we can find for you.

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