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Muscle Pharm Assault is an NO supplement that’s recently been reformulated and is CRUSHING the reviews all over the net. Anything that can stay over 9.0 at is worthy of everyone’s attention – especially after over 1000 Muscle Pharm Assault Reviews.

Update – It’s been done! Assault has officially unseeded the reigning champion and is now the #1 selling pre workout supplement at, as of January 2012! Check it out and we’ll see if it stays that way, but be sure to see all prices below for the best deal!

Muscle Pharm Assault – A Pre-Workout Primer

A pre workout supplement is used by athletes to get the most out of their workouts. For muscles to grow there needs to be load put on them. Progressively overloading the muscles breaks down the muscles fibers and repairing them is what makes them get bigger. Taking a preworkout supplement increases the work that can be performed in the gym. Being able to crank out a few more reps can mean the difference in how much lean mass can be gained. Individual supplement products have different ingredients for desired performance. These ingredients help with muscle fatigue, drive, energy and focus.

Assault Pre Workout Ingredients

Before we begin, we’d like to note that Assault goes against the trend of many other nitric oxide supplements that have moved towards zero-carb, zero-calories.

Instead, each serving of Assault contains 9g of carbs in the form of corn-based maltodextrin (marketed as “glucose polymers”). While this is not exactly a recommended ingredient if you’re trying to burn fat and are on a diet, this will definitely help you if you are trying to bulk up and build muscle fast.

The maltodextrin / glucose polymers will cause your body to get an insulin spike, which will help drive nutrients into your muscles — IF you work out hard enough. Your body will not begin burning reasonable amounts of fat until this carb has been used up for energy. This is fine for us bulkers. Also note that if you eat too much maltodextrin (or any high-glycemic carb) and don’t exercise, you’ll gain fat. But 9-18g from 1-2 scoops of Assault? That’s absolutely no problem for us who hit it hard in the gym!

One of the most popular ingredients is arginine, which works on Nitric Oxide production in the body. Nitric Oxide supplementation has many desirable effects including widening of the blood vessels to help blood flow, it gives a pump to the muscles, adds muscle strength and endurance. It can also make recovery time quicker and helps relieve fatigue.

What’s cool about Assault is that there are multiple forms of arginine here, so you’re going to get multiple “pump pathways”. This, combined with the citrulline malate (which also gives pumps), and the glucose polymers, is why everyone is getting such incredible pumps from this product. If one ingredient doesn’t do it for you, chances are the others will!

Muscle Pharm Assault – It’s the CREATINE Mix!

Creatine is also a typical ingredient in preworkout formulas. Creatine gives the muscles more energy to work. You can get more work done with creatine which stimulates muscle growth. It also helps to keep the muscle hydrated by keeping water in the cells. Creatine can also help the body repair muscles quicker.

But what’s REALLY doing it for the Assault pre workout is the version of creatine being added – CON-CRET’s Creatine HCl (Creatine Hydrochloride). While creatine monohydrate is still #1, and is the most highly-proven, safest version of creatine for natural muscle growth, CON-CRET brings some new stuff to the table.

While CON-CRET is not cheap, it gets very high reviews due to it being so amazingly stable in your system and making enormous strength gains for users. You need hardly any to get an effect – about 1/3 the dosage of creatine mono. But just in case, Assault gives you BOTH!

Another typical, proven ingredients is Beta Alanine. This awesome amino acid builds up over time, and when you’ve been dosing it regularly, you will have better muscular endurance. It helps you produce more carnosine, which in turn gets rid of nasty byproducts such as lactic acid and ammonia in your muscles. More beta alanine = more carnosine = less fatigue and MORE REPS!

Focus is important to keep throughout the workout. Thinking about other things can lead to a not so great workout. Preworkout formulas will contain a combination of Taurine, Tyrosine and caffeine to help maintain focus and give you the blast of energy you need. All of these ingredients are stimulants and may cause an energy crash after the effects wear off.

Muscle Pharm Assault Reviews

Muscle Pharm Assault reviews are excellent. In fact, we rank it as our best pre workout supplement with stimulants for bulking! Check out the flow chart to see. In this category, it absolutely DOMINATES the rest – and that includes NO-Xplode.

The reason for all of the great Assault reviews out there is because it gives a great pump and keeps intensity and drive going throughout the workout. It contains twice the amount of active ingredients that other products contain but it is in powder form so the serving size can be adjusted. Tolerance must be assessed by taking it gradually. Muscle Pharm Assault side effects can be felt if too much is taken. Too much caffeine can cause shakiness… but caffeine is still safe and you just need to monitor your dosing (and don’t mix this with other caffeinated products).

A Muscle Pharm Assault review here and there has complaints about the taste and it may be too sweet for some people. Others give the taste a 10 out of 10. A few reviews compare Muscle Pharm assault vs Jack3d. Both contain similar ingredients and offer the same effectiveness but Jack3d contains dimethylamylamine which as mentioned can cause problems for athletes in tested sports. Jack3d also has a more pronounced energy crash when the effects wear off.

Overall, Assault Muscle Pharm is a great preworkout supplement. It contains all of the ingredients that people are looking for to get that extra edge in the gym. That extra edge is what is needed for maximum lean mass gains.


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  1. Domingo Medina 13. Nov, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    I need product for sprint

    • Admin 15. Nov, 2012 at 8:17 am #

      Not sure what exactly you’re doing, but Assault might work for that. Instead though I recommend more lightweight stuff that has no maltodextrin.

      If in the US, Jack3d is tough to beat for the energy. Note that the DMAA is banned in many competitions. If outside of the US, C4 or Jack3d Micro might really do the trick – more pumps, which MIGHT help with fast twitch movements like sprinting (try in practice before using it for a real race!)

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