Nitric Oxide and Bodybuilding

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Know the Different Types of Nitric Oxide Bodybuilding Supplements

Nitric Oxide, or NO, is a gas that is very important for signaling functions in our body. It controls blood circulation and helps regulate blood pressure. However, nitric oxide supplements didn’t become popular until bodybuilders started attaining incredible results with them – both with strength and physique. There are some important things to consider for obtaining a safe and healthy muscle mass.

As nitric oxide supplements help dialate (widen) your blood vessels, they provide for increased blood flow to your muscles. When you are performing a bodybuilding style workout, this will give you additional nutrient delivery, and will give you an incredible expanded muscle, pumping sensation.

While these supplement are great to take before weightlifting (in the form of pre-workout supplements), bodybuilders also take them before competitions in order to squeeze out every last bit of muscle growth before taking the stage. Similarly, you can take a pre-workout supplement, have a quick workout, and then go to the pool or beach and look great while you’re there.

Nitric Oxide Bodybuilding

How Nitric Oxide Works

It’s important to note that bodybuilders don’t just “take nitric oxide”. The supplements don’t even contain nitric oxide in them! Instead, Nitric Oxide is produced when the amino acid L-arginine gets converted into L-citruline by a group of enzymes known as Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). The nitric oxide that is produced can then go on to do things such as widen your blood vessels and smooth your muscles.

Here are some amazing advantages of using these supplements:

  • As mentioned above, Nitric Oxide will also improve the flow of blood as well as make way for nutrients to be properly delivered to muscles. This is huge for bodybuilders.
  • Nitric Oxide increases peak output power[1] – so if you have a heavy day up ahead, take some extra AAKG along with your Jack3d before working out.
  • Nitric Oxide will also help you to reduce inflammation in the body. This will help you to protect the muscles from stress as well as pain after workouts, helping with recovery from your bodybuilding workouts.
  • Protect your body from some heart-related problems, as it helps protect blood vessels.
  • Helps control platelet functionality, reduce artery plaque, and control cholesterol levels

There are different types of NO supplements available in the market today, so it is very important to do your research and select the right one that suits your health and body. We discuss this in our Best Pre-Workout Supplement article. Moreover, if you are taking prescription medication, it is very important to consult a doctor before taking these supplements. Even though these supplements are typically very safe with limited side effects, they may produce adverse affects if they are combined with other powerful medicines.

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