Nitric Oxide Foods

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Before we begin, we must say that the featured Diet Books on this site, written by professional bodybuilder Marc “THE MACHINE” Lobliner, promote a healthy, organic, lifestyle, and we’ve found that these types of foods and their natural fats provide the best health benefits, including nitric oxide production!

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What are the best foods for Nitric Oxide Production?

Marc uses a list of foods in a diet and workout plan that will not only produce the most nitric oxide gas in your veins for constant pumps, but we’ll also look at what can raise testosterone levels for you. It is a NATURAL diet and it works… and it’s free!

Nitric Oxide Foods

Nowadays, you can find tons of articles on different ways to loss fats. However, since there is a lot of diet regime that offers you ways to burn fats, how will you find out the most effective way of losing weight? If that’s what you’re looking for, the book The Dark Side of Fat Loss by Sean Croxton will provide an ultimate guide to effectively lose weight. One of the best things that you will learn on this book is losing weight by eating Nitric Oxide Foods. Nitric Oxide is the responsible for the proper function of nervous system, cardio vascular system, and immune system. These foods can also help prevent heart diseases and strokes.

Losing weight can be done in categories and these include the following:

Nitric Oxide Foods – Eat REAL Food

Different foods are produced almost every day and it is hard to determine if these foods are natural or organic. Since a lot of people are fond of eating in fast food chain, they are more prone of gaining weight. There some Nitric Oxide foods that you can eat to be able to lose some fats in your body. Here are some guidelines for picking healthy food.

  • Eat Real Organic Food – One of the best Nitric Oxide foods is vegetables. It is best to eat lots of vegetables preferably locally grown green foods. Eat organic food is essential if you really want to lose weight. Organic food can be easily processed in the humans digestive system unlike carbohydrate foods. Furthermore, vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. By eating organic foods you are guaranteed to avoid other chemicals that processed foods have.
  • Beef, Lamb, Buffalo, and Pork That Are 100% Grass Fed – You can eat beef if the cow is not brought to slaughter house yet. The real healthy beef is from a cow that only eats 100% grass. The reason why these cows are the only ones that are safe and healthy to eat is because it they do not have antibiotic or hormones.
  • Grains or Whole Grains are not that healthy or natural and lead to inflammation – If you think that grain is considered part of Nitric Oxide foods, you better think again. Although a lot of weight loss tips said that eating grains will help you reduce fats, there are also researches that show no proof to this belief.
  • Eat Wild Caught Fish other Nitric Oxide foods are fishes – Wild caught fish has saturated fats that can be an alternative as a source of protein instead of eating beef.
  • Organic Fruits – The reason why not all fruits are healthy is because some fruits have pesticides. Pick a fruit that is all natural and does not contain any dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals.

Note that natural fats are NOT bad for you – Not all fats are bad in the human body. A saturated fat is good for the body because it helps produce protein and is required by all of your vital organs. But you might want to use unrefined oils like olive oils and coconut oils; and avoid processed fats including canola oil, soybean oil, and corn oil.

Reducing Stress with Nitric Oxide Foods

Try to balance your work and your social life to avoid stress. A person who is prone to stress is also prone to gaining weight.


One of the most important parts of losing weight is getting enough sleep. Getting enough rest can give you energy that you need for the entire day. If you do not sleep well then you will have no energy to workout.


The most tried and tested way of losing weight is through exercising. You can do jogging at least twice a week to keep your body fit and healthy.

Aside from Nitric Oxide foods you can also try NO3 Chrome and Cellucor C4 Extreme. These products are known as the best Nitric Oxide booster.

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