Nitric Oxide Scam

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Is this Nitric Oxide thing a scam?

There is a healthy debate going on in the fitness industry regarding nitric oxide supplements. A vast majority of the people think that they are beneficial whereas another section believes that they are a waste of money, and call it the “Nitric Oxide Scam”. We made this site to bring you real information, because we understand both sides and want to find you a great deal on a legit product.

When using the right product in the proper manner, nitric oxide supplements work. This is proven by the studies done on AAKG (discussed in our Intro to Nitric Oxide Supplements paper), which is typically the main component of nitric oxide / pre-workout supplements.

But there’s also a lot of nonsense out there, and that’s what we want to get rid of. So we’ve made a criteria of “scams” to avoid in the nitric oxide supplement world.

How to Know if a Nitric Oxide Supplement Might be a “Scam” or a Rip-Off

  1. Does it cost more than one dollar per workout/serving?

    If this is the case, as it is with many nitric oxide supplements, then it may not be a nitric oxide scam, but it sure is a rip-off.

    Look at the products suggested here, with the low prices we link you to. If using 1.5 scoops of Jack3d, we’ll get 30 ridiculously energetic workouts for well under $30. Same goes for White Flood, SuperPump, and the others. I don’t know about you, but $1 is our threshold. These are the best products, and they’re available at great rates. Not only will they make your workouts insane, but they contain long-term growth ingredients too.

    ..or you can go to the local store and pay $2 per workout. No thanks, I’ll buy online from a trusted store.

  2. Do they make ridiculous, fantasy-like claims?

    Listen, these are nutritional supplements. As we say everywhere else here, if your diet sucks and you spend too much money on these products, you’re simply going to be pissing expensive pee.

    While these products DO give you a boost, they are not going to make your bench press go up 500%. Your testosterone levels are not going to shoot through the roof (they might go up though!) They are not going to turn you into Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, or Michael Vick.

    Eat right first, workout hard second, supplement to top it off. Not the other way around.

    If a company starts claiming things like this, you need to question their values and ethics, and start looking elsewhere.

  3. Do they ask for your personal information (and possibly billing information) in exchange for a “free trial”? …all to be sent (and billed for!) more and more bottles every month?

    If this is the case… you had BETTER trust the company. Yes, we do have a trial offer here from Cellucor, but this is an extremely well-known, reputable company. You can easily get off of their offer if you want, but the great thing is that they don’t have a generic pill – they have a POTENT pill and you get an amazing deal.

    However, most other “free trials” are a bit fishy. You will need to “opt-out” of the plan before they start charging you ridiculous amounts of money each month, and they will of course make it as hard as possible to opt-out.

    There are too many good products out there to try, and you should never lock yourself into any one product. What may work for us (Cellucor C4 Extreme, Jack3d, White Flood, etc), may not work for you. Maybe you’ll want SuperPump 250 and Nitrix instead!

    This is the exact case for Force Factor nitric oxide products as well as Rip Fire (or RipFire). Look at the ingredient profile – it is WEAKER than anything suggested on this site, and you need to give some unknown company your information to get a “one month supply”… and you know EXACTLY what’s going to happen after that! Shipment after shipment, charge after charge. Oh sure, you can get it at GNC… for about 3x the price and less effectiveness of anything else here. Force Factor? Stay away. Free monthly trials? No thanks. A single free sample? Sure, that’s okay.

  4. Are they charging you tons of money for cheap ingredients?

    We need to look at our Force Factor review again. Here’s a product that basically has 3g of AAKG in it per serving, and a touch of other amino acids. So why in the hell does it cost so much? You can (and should!) go get some AAKG in its raw bulk form for literally one-TENTH of the price. Rip Fire / RipFire isn’t much different – while its got some ingredients that will work… it’s simply not worth the money and getting sucked into a monthly credit card bill… especially when you can use a site like ours to get GOOD deals based on price comparisons – make these stores compete for you!

    So look at the ingredients, do your research on them, or Contact Us and we’ll show you real research studies and the best prices. A little bit of homework can save you a lot of money each month.

    We’re sick of the nonsense (can’t you tell?)… and you should be too. Start voting with your wallet, not your emotions.

  5. Do they claim to cure erectile dysfunction and make you a porn star in bed?

    No doubt, the arginine in nitric oxide supplements will promote more nitric oxide production in your veins, leading to vasodialation, thus leading to more bloodflow to your penis. If you’re healthy, you can get a boost from a caffeine-free product like Nitrix. We won’t dispute that.

    But if you are flat-out unhealthy, your erectile dysfunction is most likely from far more severe problems that a few amino acids won’t cure. Most likely, it’s your diet and stressful surroundings. This is exactly what we say in our Nitric Oxide Erections paper.

    Don’t expect this to cure everything. Once again, it’s a supplement. Treat the cause, not the effect, and Contact Us if you need more help in this area.

We hope this page helped. Once again, contact us if there are more questions. You deserve the truth, and we have the research to back it up.

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