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Nitric Oxide Supplements are becoming quite popular these days among many bodybuilding enthusiasts. This is because of the nitric oxide contents of these products or NO2 for short. When released into the system, nitric oxide causes blood to surge into the muscles, giving you a full feeling while creating a puffy appearance for your muscles.

Why Nitric Oxide Supplements are Popular…

It is for this reason that Nitric Oxide Supplements have enjoyed tremendous popularity. In this regard, it is important to note that the human body itself is capable of producing nitric oxide. This happens when the muscles contract and the blood vessels inside them become dilated. At this particular stage, a tiny cloud of gas is formed briefly, eventually settling down in the muscle cells. When it does, this gas causes the muscles to relax, enabling blood surge to flow through them a lot easier. The gas is what is more commonly known as nitric oxide.

Ostensibly, nitric oxide is responsible for that surge which allows body builders to continue with their workouts. Unfortunately, the NO2 that the body releases tends to get lost once a given workout is completed, and it will take numerous workouts for this to stay and keep that puffy appearance in your muscles. This is where Nitric Oxide Supplements become higly-important tools.

In typical fashion, Nitric Oxide Supplements are designed to help the body produce nitric oxide at will in order to give the muscles that pumped feeling. Other than that, Nitric Oxide Supplements are supposed to provide you with the endurance needed to help you complete a given workout routine. At the same time, these supplements are also known to give you the extra energy so you can continue to be active for the remainder of your day even after an exhausting exercise program.

Increased Energy and Endurance from Pre Workout and Nitric Oxide Supplements

With increased endurance, it is but natural to come up with better performance in your workouts. What brings this about can be attributed to the fact that many Nitric Oxide Supplements are known to contain pain relief ingredients. This naturally allows you to find the pain associated with regular workouts more tolerable. As such, the tendency is to focus on building a better physique and no longer on how the pain could be eased.

Based on this reaoning alone, it hardly comes as a great surprise why certain Nitric Oxide Supplements like the NO3 Chrome have instantly gained a huge following. After all, these supplements have been proven to be quite helpful in pushing you to complete your workout, thereby helping you achieve your goal of having a more beautiful and healthier body.

Some Popular NO Supplements

Some Nitric Oxide Supplements can work on their own, and effectively serve as your pre-workout partner. A few, however, are said to work best when used alongside several other health supplements. A good example of this is NO3 Chrome manufactured by Cellucor which is seen by many bodybuilding fanatics as an additional boost used mostly if you are currently having other Cellucor products such as C4 Extreme, N-Zero Extreme, and M5 Extreme 2-n-1 in your pre-workout dietary regimen.

A Bit About NO3 Chrome

Additionally, what makes NO3 Chrome from Cellucor different from other Nitric Oxide Supplements is the fact that it does not only have nitric oxide in its list of ingredients. The product has also been formulated using Arginine Nitrate. This particular chemical compound is the result of the combination of nitric acid and L-Arginine. Together, these two ingredients can help the body generate tremendous amounts of nitric oxide, the main player in giving your muscles that unique pump.

Apart from Arginine Nitrate, NO3 Chrome is also said to contain Norvaline, the one ingredient excluded from many health supplements that rely heavily on nitric oxide. Norvaline is said to be quite expensive which is the reason this has traditionally been left out whenever health supplements are being formulated.

Commonly, Norvaline acts to inhibit Arginase, a compound that has been found to restrict the body from producing nitric oxide. Through the help of Norvaline, Arginase is prevented from becoming active, and this can only result in the release of more nitric oxide.

One other ingredient found in NO3 Chrome is Pycnogenol which is exclusive to the product. This special formulation prepared for NO3 Chrome serves to faciliate the flow of both oxygen and blood to the muscles. Cellucor claims that this can lead to better workout performance by more than 21 percent. It further claims that its exclusive Pycnogenol ingredient has likewise been found to help stimulate the production of Enos in the arterial walls. This results in the expansion of the blood vessels by as much as 78.4 percent.

Food For the Body

By now, it has become quite obvious that nitric oxide can initiate changes in body built, notably in muscle mass. Significant muscle mass increase eventually becomes evident through regular ingestion of nitric oxide alongside consistent workouts. This takes place mainly because the arteries in and around the muscle area become larger owing to increased and more efficient blood flow in this particular part of the body.

A Few Minor Side Effects in Few People – But it Depends on the Product Used!!!

Still, despite all the glowing credentials that nitric oxide is said to carry, there is also a downside to using this particular chemical compound especially as part of a given workout supplement program. For starters, nausea is a common occurrence among those who were first exposed to nitric oxide. Headaches ranging from mild to severe, often bordering on migraines, have also been reported.

A few other cases showed that diarrhea and a general feeling of weakness have likewise been experienced even by athletes who have long been known to ingest various performance-enhancing formulas. In several instances, skin irritations, dry mouths, and irregular heart beats are said to take place as well. If left unchecked, the latter can result to more serious complications like breathing problems which could possibly be asthma.

Given this, it is important to keep in mind that Nitric Oxide Supplements should be used only as directed. More importantly, if you are into bodybuilding but are suffering from a disorder of any type, it is always best to consult a medical professional first before deciding to purchase any given workout supplement.

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