Do I need Nitric Oxide to gain Muscle Mass?

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The Molecule Nitric Oxide – Can it Help Increase Muscle Mass Gains?

Nitric Oxide supplements or simply NO supplements have been the cause of many debates. Many people wonder whether NO is really needed to gain muscle mass. There has been a whole bunch of research about NO and it of them may lead us to the answer!

How Nitric Oxide Increases Muscle Mass

Several studies have shown that Nitric oxide has a profound effect on the cardiovascular system. It is a free radical produced by the body which can effectively dilate blood vessels for a very short period of time. That’s basically it. Just think, a molecule made up of 1 nitrogen and 1 oxygen and it performs only one major function in the body. But NO performs it very well as it is needed to prevent ischemic or low oxygen supply to various organs such as the liver. The presence of NO in the blood helps relax the blood vessels allowing blood to flow freely.

So how does Nitric oxide increase muscle mass? The answer lies in BLOOD SUPPLY.

It’s no rocket science. The effects of NO are simple enough to understand. Increasing blood supply to a body part results to more oxygen and nutrients therefore better function, growth and repair.

An increased blood supply is what makes you feel something bodybuilders called “muscle pump”. It’s that heavy but pleasant feel of well worked muscles. Many have used the term “muscle pump” to equate a good workout.

Nitric Oxide, Blood supply and Muscle Mass Relationship

So you’ve got a powerful molecule coursing through your body dilating your blood vessels. Muscles will be bathed in nutrient rich blood which can contain oxygen, amino acids, lipids and carbs for energy and several other micronutrients like antioxidants.

Basically, increasing blood supply will help muscles get enough oxygen and fuel so you can work out properly. After an intense workout, your muscles will then need a lot of amino acids to rebuild damaged muscle cells. Amino acids will also be needed to grow new muscle cells or help you gain “muscle mass”. An increased blood supply also removes toxins generated during workout and wastes after repairing and creating new muscle cells.

If that’s the case, what’s keeping companies from flooding the market with Nitric Oxide supplements to help bodybuilders and athletes gain muscle mass? There are several problems or roadblocks and knowing them will help you understand why guzzling pure NO is a bad idea.

Nitric Oxide is Too Powerful

It is relatively easy to make NO or make supplements out of pure NO. You’ve got nitroglycerin and amyl nitrates, two chemicals or drugs guaranteed to dilate blood vessels in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, they’re not meant for bodybuilding. The doses are only good enough for 5 to 10 minutes. Overdosing is out of the question as it will cause a severe drop in blood pressure causing unconsciousness, coma and death. Try as one might, there’s no safe way to slowly release nitrogen oxide drugs into the body without causing severe side effects.

The solution to this is nitric oxide precursors. These are supplements that eventually turn into NO inside the body. Some of NO supplements include Arginine, AAKG, Citrulline and more. But wait there’s more to tell!

NO Supplements are not Enough to Increase Muscle Mass

Remember, NO is one small molecule and its major function is to dilate blood vessels. Alone, it won’t pump up your muscles or help you gain muscle mass. Your blood still has to carry important micronutrients and your muscles need to be pushed to grow.

Maximizing Nitric Oxide Supplements Benefits

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Nitrix Oxide Supplements will Work best With Proper Diet, Workout and Supplementation

So you have supplements that help increase your blood supply. But you still need several other things in order to gain muscle mass. Where can you get them?

Nutrition Management

Without nutrients, all that blood vessel dilation and blood supply will be useless. Fill your body with nutritious food from the various food groups.  This will help provide you your main nutrients that will be used by your body to gain muscle mass.

Feeding your body the wrong food such as processed food and junk food can be just as bad as not eating at all. Eat smart, follow a good nutritional meal plan. You can check our Marc Lobliner’s Fat Loss Factor book and the amazing meals he’s outlined that all have great nutritional content.


Even with a great meal plan, we still won’t be able to meet our nutritional needs. That’s why we need supplementation to provide what is lacking in our diet. Your choices range over multivitamins, branched chain amino acids, antioxidants and more that can be delivered to your muscles with the help of Nitric Oxide.

Proper Workout

Here’s the next reason some bodybuilders don’t get muscle mass gains even with NO supplements. Either they’re not pushing their body enough or have gone over their limits. If you want to gain muscle mass then you need to work out properly. Don’t be a numbskull and just lift the heaviest weight you can lift. Plan your workouts, target your muscle groups and incorporate rest days. All that blood supply and nutrients will be useless if you don’t stimulate your muscles to grow. At the same time, the blood supply and nutrients will not be enough to repair the damage caused by improper work out regimens.

In Conclusion, Nitric Oxide helps you Gain Muscle Mass…

…when taken with proper nutrition, supplementation and workout!! Bodybuilding is all about adapting, getting out of your comfort zone. It’s also about learning your limits. Nitric Oxide supplements work, but you still need to do a lot of things in order to gain that muscle mass.



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