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Looking for nitric oxide supplements with protein but no carbs or sugar? Then NO Shotgun is the one for you!

VPX Sports created NO-Shotgun MHF-1 with the goal of having a superior formulation of effective compounds with a delivery system that gives skin-bursting pumps and also induces protein synthesis for muscle growth.

NO Shotgun contains the incredible ingredients we rave about everywhere on this site – Creatine, Arginine, Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and Beta Alanine. But on top of that, there is a slow-digesting formulation of protein along with the amino acids to keep you in an anabolic state throughout your workout, helping to prevent muscle breakdown in your tissue.

NO Shotgun MHF-1 vs. NO Shotgun v3?

There is some confusion between NO Shotgun’s branding, so let’s clear it up here: NO Shotgun V3 is the same product as NO Shotgun MHF-1. It was simply a name change.

Finding the perfect pre-workout supplement is somehow challenging. Most people would just rely on the advertisements of leading brands in the market today, instead of actual results from trials, studies, and reviews. To cut your search short, one of the most reliable pre-workout supplements available today is the VPX NO Shotgun. If you want to learn more about this product, just read through this article to find out.

VPX NO Shotgun Ingredients

One of the main ingredients of this pre-workout supplement is the COP or Creatinol-O-Phosphate, a proprietary ingredient created by the VPX labs. This helps the VPX NO Shotgun by boosting or increasing the anaerobic glycolysis as you go through your workout routines and exercises. What this does is it lets you do more reps and sets without any problems. This is really a great boost in your workout, because the more you’re able to repeat what you do, and the more sets you are able to squeeze in just a single session, the closer you get to achieving the astonishing build that you’ve always wanted. Critics might say that you don’t need this proprietary COP ingredient because you can also achieve it with creatine alkalyn. However, COP is resistant to creatinine conversion, so you’ll be able to get the most out of the supplement that you are using. Nothing will be wasted with the VPX Sports NO Shotgun MHF-1 because everything that you take in and every effort that you give would translate to a fruitful workout.

Another notable ingredient of the VPX NO Shotgun is the Disodium Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate, a compound that works hand-in-hand with COP that was mentioned earlier. This is a muscle maximizing ingredient that aims to deliver greater gains in your muscle fibers with every workout and training that you do. And since bodybuilding is not just about burning fats and gaining lean muscle mass, it is important to ensure optimum muscle growth in key areas that would define your physique. The repetitions that you do should really translate to muscle growth in the specific area that you are focused on, because if there seems to be no change, then all your efforts would just turn to waste. What’s really great about this ingredient is that it promotes muscle growth not only during the training session, but also before and after your workouts. With the VPX NO Shotgun, you will be able to maximize your time and make sure that none of your efforts are wasted.

Next on the list of effective ingredients is the Beta-Alanine, which helps you by reducing the time required for recovery. VPX NO Shotgun’s ability to delay muscular fatigue is based on the effect of Beta-Alanine on a person’s body. This way, you will be able to do more repetitions before getting tired and calling it a day for your training and workout. You’re assured of a thorough workout, reaching even the farthest muscle group on the specific part that you are training. By allowing you to do more repetitions, you’re essentially working your muscles to its full potential. This is quite useful if you want muscle growth because you’ll be able to achieve a balanced growth, as all of them get worked up on your workout sessions. The skin tingling from beta alanine is a clear sign that this ingredient is already doing its job, and it is all up to you to achieve more repetitions and sets, depending on how you want your workout session to happen. Another important ingredient is the BPOV or BIs Picolinato Oxo Vanadium, a potent agent that can mimic the hormone insulin. Insulin is one of the driving forces in muscle building for your body, so increasing insulin sensitivity would be wise for a pre-workout supplement like the VPX NO Shotgun.

VPX NO Shotgun Benefits

Just from the ingredients, you’d already know that the VPX NO Shotgun is really beneficial. One thing that you’d surely get when you use this pre-workout supplement is that you’ll have increased energy that would power you to do more on your workouts. It is also responsible for building your muscles, as some of its proprietary ingredients work specifically to increase the muscle mass in key parts of your body.

Another benefit that you simply can’t ignore is that the VPX NO Shotgun delivers great pumps, so that even after your workout, your muscles would continue to receive the right nutrients to facilitate its growth and development.

VPX NO Shotgun Side Effects

The NO Shotgun has no known side effects. This was evident during various lab tests and experiments, and this aspect was also reflected by the reviews on the product. However, it is advised that those below 18 years of age should not use the VPX NO Shotgun. This is to allow their body to grow naturally, and using the NO Shotgun might hinder or affect normal growth.

VPX NO Shotgun Reviews

The NO Shotgun is a highly-rated product, gaining an average of 8 out of 10 stars from critics and users alike. This positive reception could be attributed to its effectiveness in giving more energy to facilitate intense workouts, as well as the outstanding pumps that you get from consuming this supplement.

NO Shotgun’s comes in the following flavors: watermelon, grape bubblegum, exotic fruit, and lime splash.

NO Shotgun is just a quality product with no corners cut. It contains the immensely popular REDLINE & MELTDOWN fat burning technology that provides tons of energy. The protein used is PeptoPro and BPOV, which is extremely anabolic and more expensive than your average protein. No sugars or carbs needed here!

NO Shotgun was even the subject of a double-blinded university study that showed its users getting stronger and leaner when combining it with heavy resistance training.

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