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Anyone that’s lifted a heavy weight knows what NO Xplode is. BSN’s version of a nitric oxide producing supplement has consistently performed over the years as a top notch pre workout supplement.

Update! NO-Xplode Discontinued! It is getting phased out in favor of the newer, more popular NO-Xplode 2.0. The reviews have been GREAT – including an amazing taste! As always, we will do our best to keep the prices up to date on which stores still have NO-Xplode original

NO Xplode Review – Energy Levels Like Never Before!

One NO Xplode Review described “Energy levels like never before…”, that sounds like a lifter who muscled past his stubborn plateau. NO Xplode has even been redone in the form of NO Xplode NT, which shows the once great supplement has some signs of age. BSN NO Xplode won five consecutive “Muscle Builder of the Year” awards at the annual Supplement Awards, no mean feat, but not surprising for a product that set the bar for nitric oxide supplements everywhere.

A bar that is just now being lifted again, by the current iteration of pre workout supplementation, which bridges the gaps in NO Xplode ingredients to deliver a more effective pump with quicker recovery times and increased muscle synthesis. We refer in this case to Jack3d, a supplement that most recently took home the 2011’s “Best Pre Workout” and “Best Energy Supplement”. The so called “Holy Grail” of supplement awards, as they are voted on by users of the product. Let’s take a quick rundown of the two, compare a few BSN NO Xplode Reviews to some Jack3d reviews, talk about any possible NO Xplode dangers, review the weigh in on price, and see how the two heavy hitters match up.

“I haven’t had a pump like this from any other product, and I have taken NOXPLODE”, a Jack3d user. Time after time I find myself reading reviews of Jack3d that read like this one. Xplode users don’t read too differently, however, “Xplode didn’t give me my gains.. Xplode only greatly helped me achieve them.”, but the differences exist. This and other NO Xplode Reviews lay testament to that, along with the science behind the supplements. Further underscoring the superiority of Jack3d over the original champ.

NO Xplode Ingredients

The complexity of the Xplode formula is something indeed, over 15 ingredients used in separate conjunctions to either create the Nitric Oxide event in muscle cells, bring creatine into muscle cells, supply the muscle with phosphate for creatine, create a Nitric Oxide event in muscle cells, bring creatine into muscle cells… In short, it brings an army to each gym workout, but each soldier seems to be doing the same thing. Jack3d has a total of 5 ingredients, whose tasks also include Nitric Oxide supplementation and creatine, but also cover fatigue lessening, explosive power increasing, and increased fat oxidation. Jack3d doesn’t use 15 ingredients to do the same job and then some, which also opens up the possibility of stacks that incorporate Jack3d. While any stack that you find for Xplode is so, unfortunately, dated that it will most likely contain ephedra.

The only reason to believe Xplode has any side effects is because it’s been out long enough for people to give it a bad rep along with it’s otherwise stellar reviews, some correlations have been linked to increased homocysteine levels, but have never been linked to causation. The bottom line is it’s a safe product that has worked for thousands of athletes. Jack3d has yet to have any side effects when used as directed.

Price wise the two are fairly even, with Jack3d edging forward at 55 cents a serving and Xplode trailing a little behind at 63 cents. Getting either cheap NO Xplode or Jack3d is not difficult.

Bottom line is Xplode still has balls, but Jack3d has the tiger by the tail..for now.

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