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Many have already tried using nitric oxide and their response was generally favorable. There is no questioning then that millions have started ordering for this supplement hoping to answer their body’s cry for curves and shapes. Nitric oxide products have been known to supply essential needs for people who are eyeing for the perfect picture of a physically healthy body. And its got a whole bunch of other benefits, too!

Nitric oxide (NO), not to be confused with the notorious nitrogen dioxide nor the nitrous oxide, is a body chemical essential in a lot of biological functions such as muscle growth and metabolism. Supplements like NO Xplode is seen as important in muscle growth, fat burning, system endurance and strength, and incredible resistance to fatigue. NO Xplode ingredients also enhance mental alertness and focus.

NO Xplode Ingredients – Starting with the Creatine

First, we’d like to note that we’re going to talk about NO-Xplode 2.0 in this. This is the newly released product from BSN that is replacing the original NO-Xplode.

Looking at the packaging of the NO Xplode supplement, one can instantly notice the 0 sugar component, which marks high in the lists of health conscious individuals. NO Xplode ingredients include, among others, creatine and creatine-derived components. These work primarily to the skeletal muscles and supply energy to all other cells of the body. Creatine is derived mainly from meat, and as bodybuilders strictly monitor meat consumption, supplements like NO Xplode do the silent works of providing the said nutrient. Glycocyamine forms quite a significant part of NO Xplode component; this is a precursor of creatine, which when combined with certain food that we take may cure chronic diseases without toxicity.

Extracts from cinnamon barks and katoisocaproate potassium also contribute to the performance matrix of this supplement.

NO Xplode meta-fusion blend gives off maximum performance and pumps, with contents like gynostemma and NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

Adding to the NO Xplode ingredients are energy giving contents, which NO Xplode termed Ener-Tropic Xplosion. These are the L-Tyrosine, taurine, glucoronolactone, methylxanthine (caffeine), and others. Taurine is popular in that it is often used in energy drinks. It really supply the need of skeletal muscles to work properly especially in exercising.

Maltodextrin in NO-Xplode – Make Sure You Want to Bulk!

The maltodextrin (modified glucose polymers) content of NO Xplode work the other way. It is noted that muscle mass gain is the primary concern but weight gain comes in secondary. This is why many dietitians recommend NO Xplode only for users to do a dirty bulk to gain weight.

Other ingredients are natural and artificial flavors, citric acid, potassium citrate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, calcium silicate, FD&C Yellow #5, and FD%C Blue #1.

The Benefits of the Ingredients in NO Xplode

NO Xplode ingredients collectively work for the body to achieve the following benefits:

  • Body building.

    NO Xplode is most popular among bodybuilders since it is one of the few sources of genuine nutrients that really help. NO Xplode ingredients allow higher circulation of blood while carrying out rigorous trainings in muscle building. With better blood flow, the lean mass of the muscle also gets increasing. The increase in blood flow with NO Xplode also favors those who perform physical activities in full vigor. Extreme exercises with no nitric oxide may result to quick weakening of the muscles and fatigue.

  • Endurance.

    NO Xplode significantly increases the endurance level of skeletal muscle cells, which gives enough power to lift off heavy object and carry out extreme tasks. A great bit of endurance

  • Extreme Strength.

    Many contents of this supplement have been combined with performance igniters and energy givers. NO Xplode literally lifts off weights as creatine and other contents take bodybuilders intensive training just a mocking physical exercise. The name Xplode explains this benefit well.

  • Others.

    There is a long list of benefits and some are not even included in the promotional lists of benefits of this product, but are only customer reviews from online stores. A quick look at the list: blood circulation improvement, immune booster, mental alertness, pain relief, bodily fluid balance, and considering nitric oxides control to strength and blood circulation, the sexual energy men of age experiences.

NO-Xplode 2.0 Goes Even Further!

To further improve the benefits of this supplement, BSN is now phasing out the original one (in favor of NO Xplode 2.0) but with the same NO Xplode ingredients. It isnt that much better but it comes with a greater taste. Anyone can match his taste with flavors of fruit punch, watermelon, grape, blue raspberry, green apple, lemon lime, lemonade and orange.

For those who are looking for supplements that focus on fat burning, NO Xplode ingredients may be only a secondary choice, but it still helps. Other recommended products for this very purpose are the celebrated Jack3d, MusclePharm Assault and Cellulor C4 Extreme. Check online for updated price and special offers on packages for these products.

Pre-training supplements may not work to some but generally they are effective when coupled with the right diet and are taken in the proper dosage. NO Xplode has a number of benefits but could not guarantee a no-weight-gain result. Generally there are no side effects but, as true to all supplements, persons with sensitive health concerns should first consult their physicians.

Try a bottle and see for yourself how NO Xplode ingredients play soldiers to your body.

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