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Fitness and body building enthusiasts are surely familiar with BSN NO Xplode, the popular pre-workout / nitric oxide supplement that started this entire revolution. NO Xplode helps fitness enthusiasts bulk up more and have that extra strength and muscular endurance. This supplement aims to support bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts by giving extra muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue and strength.

NO Xplode is effective in bulking up or weight gain, but this product is not exempted from having side effects like many other products. The side effects of NO Xplode are manageable, however, if you know how to deal with them. NO Xplode side effects are worth knowing by anyone planning to use the product.

The NO Xplode side effects that you should know about

  • NO Xplode apparently has high caffeine content and using this supplement can bring about side NO Xplode side effects that are similar to the side effects which result from taking too much caffeine. One may also experience the same symptoms as someone who stops taking caffeine. The usual effects of caffeine can include heart palpitations, nervousness, headaches and insomnia. The effects of caffeine can differ among people so the potential NO Xplode side effects can also depend on how caffeine affects a person. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are also possible effects that NO Xplode users can expect if caffeine has the same usual effects on them. Don’t take this or any other caffeinated pre workout with other caffeine [email protected]!!

  • Cramping of the muscles is also another symptom that has been associated with NO Xplode side effects. Cramping is usually the result of dehydration and this is another reason why users of NO Xplode are advised to hydrate all the time and drink large amounts of water.

  • NO Xplode users have also reported dizziness and headaches while they were using the product. This may be a side effect that is caused by the nitric oxide in ones bloodstream.

  • Common NO Xplode side effects also include bloating and crashing. Users have reported feeling bloated after taking NO Xplode although this may also depend on how much of the product a person consumes daily. Crashing is a symptom related to the effects of caffeine. One may feel hyper and energized one minute, then would crash down later once the effects of caffeine have worn off. This side effect may also differ among different users depending on the specific effects of caffeine on specific individuals.

  • Users of NO Xplode have also reported experiencing diarrhea and feeling very gassy all the time. This can be an embarrassing symptom, but is nothing that cant be dealt with. Taking NO Xplode with an empty stomach and thoroughly stirring the suspension can help minimize this inconvenient side effect.

  • One of the more pressing NO Xplode side effects can include renal or kidney problems. The kidneys are responsible for filtering out ones body wastes as urine. NO Xplode contains creatine, which amplifies the workload of the kidneys. This means NO Xplode can definitely cause your kidneys to work harder than usual. Although this may not be a real cause for concern, this can be an issue for people who have a history of renal problems or have family members with renal issues. Consumers of NO Xplode are recommended to keep themselves always hydrated to help the kidneys flush out toxins and wastes.

  • Since the product contains creatine, NO Xplode can also cause creatine-related side effects such as allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can include a constricting feeling in the throat, heavy breathing, and swelling around the lips and of the tongue. These symptoms can cause discomfort and irritation to NO Xplode users. But in general, creatine has been proven TIME AND TIME AGAIN to be safe and effective!!!

Overall the NO Xplode Side Effects are Weak

These NO Xplode side effects are just some things to consider if you are looking to use NO Xplode. The product is known to be effective for most of its users. Users are able to work out harder and longer with the help of NO Xplode. NO Xplode is recommended for those who want to bulk up or gain weight the quick and dirty way, so to speak. NO Xplode has maltodextrin, so for those who are looking to burn fat, Cellucor C4 Extreme or Jack3D may be better options for them.

Note – There’s also NO XPlode 2.0!

The original NO Xplode is already getting phased out, but NO Xplode 2.0 has already been released to the public. NO Xplode 2.0 still has the same effectiveness and even side effects as the original version, but it has improved in terms of taste.

NO Xplode is available in many health and nutrition stores, but it is ALWAYS best to purchase NO Xplode online because it can save you up to 40% of the cost. At times, shipping is also free and you dont have to pay the sales tax. That alone is already a big bulk off the usual price of the product. Be sure to check out the price comparisons to know how much savings you can get by buying NO Xplode online!

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