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Update, 2012.01 – Vasotropin, the successor to PlasmaJet, has been released and is now shipping! The reviews are RAVE – take it with carbs!

Plasma Jet is a pre-workout supplement that was designed to be used by bodybuilders, but athletes (and any weightlifter) could also make use of it. This is mainly because it helped to increase the energy of such athletes as they worked out. Initially, Plasma Jet was designed in such a way that it would help speed up the build up and production of body muscles whilst increasing endurance.

However, Plasma Jet has been discontinued. The good news is that for a limited time, PlasmaJet can still be bought online using our price comparison shopping widget below. The even better news is that Plasma Jet will be replaced by the much heralded Vasotropin, which is guaranteed to rock given Gaspari’s recent success with products such as SuperPump MAX.

Plasma Jet Discontinued – What Was It?

The Plasma Jet ingredients included arginine, gypenoside, icarin, quercetin and vitamin C. it was meant to be used when one planned a workout. People who had preexisting conditions with their health were advised to avoid using Gaspari Nutrition Plasma Jet. This was especially those with conditions related to the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

There are many reasons why the Plasma Jet has been discontinued. For starters, it causes dehydration in some of the users. This is mainly because Plasma Jet had ingredients that would speed up the body’s metabolism. Increased metabolism is known to bring an increase to the rate at which fluids get excreted.

This is the main reason why the people who were reliant on Plasma Jet had to keep on drinking lots of fluids especially water. The muscles would also cramp as a result of the dehydration. This led to increased chances that the muscles would get torn, the ligaments damaged and the person getting sprains while they were engaged in various activities.

Constipation was the other side effect reminiscent of Gaspari Plasma Jet. This was related directly to the loss of fluid from the body. The ingredients used in making this supplement also caused the human body to get rid of fluids through perspiration and urination. The only way this constipation could be avoided was by increasing the intake of fluids and ensuring that the diet was high in terms of fiber content.

Plasma Jet also caused nausea after repeated used. Before the body can gain tolerance to new supplements and medications, it needs a couple of days. After that period, nausea is supposed to completely go or disappear. However, this was not the case with the nitric oxide supplement under discussion. This was one of the reasons that got Plasma Jet discontinued.

Complications with sleep were also common in people who were using Plasma Jet. Some of the ingredients in this supplement increased energy levels and metabolic rates. If you took it and you failed to work out or you took it a couple of hours before you had to go to bed, it would bring complications with your sleep.

However, the ultimate reason that got the Plasma Jet discontinued according to most Plasma Jet reviews was because of the cardiovascular issues it raised. Some of the ingredients in this supplement cause the heart rate to increase and the blood pressure to go up. These included arginine and icariin.

Those who exceeded the dosage that was recommended of the Plasma Jet for a very long time period increased their risks of experiencing such serious and fateful side effects. In the same way, if a person with pre existing conditions with their health used the supplement under discussion, they were raising the chances of being affected in such a way.

To conclude, therefore, after research was conducted and too many customer complaints were filed, it was decided that Plasma Jet would get discontinued. In the long run, it was discovered that this particular supplement had too many side effects. It was also raising controversy in so many areas that is simply had to go. Again, Plasma Jet will be replaced by Vasotropin, which is coming out soon. For now users can buy USPLabs Yok3d, our featured nitric oxide pill.

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