Pre Workout Industry Yields Unexpected Benefit to the World – Better Sex

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Sex sells. And why shouldn’t it? Coded deep in our DNA, sex is among the most natural pleasures we get to give and take with our bare bodies. To be even more specific, a good number of things that enhance sexual experience actually sell, and all for a good reason – from various fiction books/music videos/films that re-imagine the entire act of making love, to an entire foray of clothes that are designed to visually maximize sexual attraction, and most currently, to a number of pre-workouts that physiologically enhance sexual impulses themselves.

More than promoting superior athletic abilities, many pre-workouts have been equally effective in improving sexual performance. This boost in sexual prowess has been openly attributed to Nitric Oxide enhancers that generally make for the energy boosting-focus enhancing component of many pre-workout supplements.

How Nitric Oxide Improves Sex

Nitric Oxide (NO), otherwise known as Nitrogen Oxide, is essentially a necessary free radical that facilitates intercellular information transfer, oxygen transfer, and nutrient distribution. The human body is able to naturally manufacture Nitric Oxide by breaking down the amino acid Arginine.

In athletics, bodybuilding, and competitive training in general, however, normal NO levels run low and fall short as the body is pushed to extreme levels of physical activity and stress, thus essentially preventing optimal physical performance. This is where Nitric Oxide supplementation comes in.

Needless to say, Nitric Oxide supplementation allows for enhanced Nitric Oxide levels. Among others, enhanced Nitric Oxide levels essentially dilates the blood vessels which then allows for a more efficient delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the active muscles across the body. Active muscles which receive adequate supply of oxygen-rich blood are able to handle physical stress better for within a much longer duration. This means improved energy production, enhanced power output, and longer endurance. It is in this sense that Nitric Oxide supplementation improves athletic performance.

It is also in this very same fashion that Nitric Oxide supplementation improves sexual performance. During intercourse, and even before intercourse, the brain perceives and processes physical or sensory stimuli to create a moment of desire. It is in this moment that the brain triggers a series of biological reactions that involve the release of Nitric Oxide to stimulate the corpus cavernosum – a specialized tissue that controls blood flow and erects the penis. Essentially, like every other active muscle in the body, the penis is engineered to remain erected and perform at its best when it receives adequate supply of oxygen-rich blood, hence enhanced levels of Nitric Oxide is crucial.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

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Natural substances or chemical constituents that actively stimulate both the production and the release of Nitric Oxide levels are called Nitric Oxide boosters. Nitric Oxide boosters are among the most crucial and popular active ingredients in almost, if not all pre-workouts in the market. Although Nitric Oxide boosters come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak, its basic purpose stays the same: prominently dilate the blood vessels to allow for optimal blood flow and nutrient distribution.


Because the body naturally produces Nitric Oxide by breaking down the amino acid Arginine, dosing the body with Arginine itself is among the more popular ways of Nitric Oxide supplementation. Known as the miracle molecule, Aginine promotes greater vasodilation. A Columbia University study done on Arginine has shown that it has a very potent ability to naturally replace Viagra as a sex-booster. Apart from this, Arginine supplementation also yields an entire catalogue of health benefits such as increasing sperm count at a 250%/2week rate, actively maintaining erections for a longer duration of time, and improving fertility and orgasms, especially in women.



Another popular substance that makes for the main NO boosting component of many pre-workouts is Citrulline. Originally its name derived from the Latin word citrullus which means watermelon. Citrulline is an amino acid that naturally occurs in the intestine. Apart from boosting the body’s natural Nitric Oxide levels, Citrulline plays a significant role in the body’s metabolic processes, keeping nitrogen levels in check, while detoxifying ammonia. Not unlike Arginine, Citrulline is known for affecting the body the same way that Viagra does in terms of treating and even preventing erectile dysfunction. Numerous studies have shown that Citrulline supplementation allows for a far more enhanced sexual function, stamina, and performance.

Vitamins A and C

Apart from these, Vitamins A and C also promote nitric oxide proficiency by naturally preventing its breakdown in the body.

A number of commercial pre-workouts have been specifically built around these NO boosters. Some are even formulated using 2-3 NO boosters as part of their unique pump technology. Potent pre-workouts that come to mind include USP Labs Jack3d, USP Labs Jac3d Micro, and Test Powder.

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