Pycnogenol Benefits

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In the world of dietary and body building supplements, one of the least talked about compounds is the Pycnogenol. This is extracted from the pine tree bark and for a long time now, many people believe that it possesses healing powers. Derived from the forest of South-West France near the Bodeaux region, the Pycnogenol is concentrated with active bioflavonoids that are potent as well on fruits and vegetables.

The good news is that this is being put into some of the latest and greatest nitric oxide supplements due to its benefits, which are discussed below. Some of the bioflavonoids present on the Pycnogenol are taxifolin, epicatechin, catechin and some phenolic fruit acids like caffeic acide and ferulic acide.

What are Some Pycnogenol Benefits

The pycnogenol benefits range from curing illness and diseases to boosting the immune system, strengthening the blood vessels and improving the circulation in the body which is ideal for body building. More Pycnogenol benefits are the prevention of the constriction of arteries and the development of blood clotting caused by stress. Moreover, the Pycnogenol also enhances sports endurance especially on athletes and strengthens the blood vessels and tissue recuperation for faster healing. Cramping and muscular pains could also be relieved through the elevation of blood supply.

Some of the Pycnogenol benefits also include prevention and treatment for diabetes, retinopathy, high cholesterol and asthma. For women, the Pycnogenolcould decrease dysmenorrhea and relieve the pains experienced while undergoing pregnancy like pains on the back, leg and pelvic. Varicose veins could also be cured with Pycnogenol. For men, the libido and blood circulation is improved and erectile dysfunction cured. On some cases, even male infertility.

Pycnogenol Benefits for Exercise

For those who are working out, they would be pleased to know that some of the Pycnogenol benefits are relief from leg cramps, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood clots on the legs, improvements on the cardiovascular health and prevention of bruises. The flexibility of the joints is also made better which is great for body building.

Furthermore, the Pycnogenol benefits are not just limited to the body. The skin could also be enhanced w ith Pycnogenol. It could be used as an anti-aging regimen to prevent and treat wrinkles. The skin is also moisturized and the collagen fibers are binded and protected for a more youthful and clearer skin. Pycnogenol benefits for the skin provides oxygen and nutrients that also serve as anti-oxidants which eradicates waste products on the skin.

With the various Pycnogenol benefits, bodybuilding becomes easier with faster results. Blood circulation improved, a better skin, less pain on the muscles and joints, enhanced endurance and better delivery of nutrients throughout the bodyall part of the Pycnogenol benefits that you can easily experience when you take NO3 Chrome and Cellucor C4 Extreme.

Any man would love to have a body that is not only healthy and pain-free, but is great looking as well. Many women would go after a man who is strong enough and has the drive to protect them. With great men’s health comes great benefits that are BEYOND the benefits of the pycnogenol itself — but the pycnogenol in products like NO3 Chrome definitely helps get you there.

In body building, Nitrate is a key component to assisting pycnogenol in bringing massive, blood-flowing pumps when working out in the gym. One of the top products available on the market today that contains Nitrate is NO3 Chrome. This dietary and body building supplement is the ultimate solution in achieving a healthy, energetic, powerful and well built body.

NO3 Chrome

Nitrate is an advanced compound that is responsible for the muscle pumps. When it is in the form Arginine Nitrate, NO3 provides the body with amazing effects when it comes to muscle pumps. In addition, the NO3 also improves the stamina and endurance levels, maximizes muscle pumps and volumes, improves blood circulation, makes body building faster and could also help in weight loss. The effects of the NO3 could be immediately seen and felt. Some of the active ingredients of the NO3 are Arginine Nitrate, Citrulling Malate, Norvaline and Pycogenol, which when combined enhances the Nitrate Oxide production on the body for better blood circulation. When this is improved, the nutrients are distributed to the body more effectively resulting to bigger muscle pumps. The endurance of the body is also enhanced with Nitrate and there is less pain while and after working out.

Cellulor C4 Extreme – Pre Workout Stimulants but no Pycnogenol

Another body building supplement that is also effective and has immediate visible results is Cellucor C4 Extreme, which is a pre-workout intensifier. C4 Extreme also has the NO3 technology which is Nitrate that helps the body in promoting muscle pumps; also the NO3 amplifies the effects of Cellucor C4. One of the ingredients of the Cellucor C4 is Creatine Nitrate which is a 2 in 1 compound. It is a very effective vasolidator that opens up the pathways of the blood so the nutrients are delivered to the muscles. It also improves the intestinal absorption.

Unfortunately, there is no pycnogenol in C4 Extreme, but if you follow the label directions, you can stack NO3 Chrome and C4 Extreme together from the free trial offer (which also gives a big discount) to get the best of both worlds between the energy in C4 and the pycnogenol in NO3 Chrome.

Additional components of the Cellucor C4 Extreme are Beta Alanine that increases the endurance and performance of the body especially the muscles and the Arginine AKG which enhances the blood flow and deliver of nutrients. Stack them and not only will you see – but you will FEEL – the results within an hour!

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