Pycnogenol Side Effects

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Before you can even begin to be worried about Pycnogenol side effects, you have to first make sure that you know what Pycnogenol is. A brand name for herbal supplements derived from the French maritime pine tree, Pycnogenols extracts are loaded with active bioflavonoids commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Hailing from forests millions of acres wide in the southwestern portions of France close to the region of Bordeaux, Pycnogenol starts out from plantations representing the largest forest in Europe. Derived from the bark of maritime pine trees that have been growing for at least 30 years, Pycnogenol is sourced from forests where herbicides or pesticides are not used. From that alone you can expect that there aren’t Pycnogenol side effects to be worried about.

Pycnogenol Side Effects

Generally, there are no serious Pycnogenol side effects. Just make sure that you follow all dosage instructions and you’ll be fine. Keep in mind as well not to use Pycnogenol supplements too much alongside other products with nitrates. If you’re taking three capsules of NO3 Chrome, for instance, then a scoop of Cellucor C4 Extreme should be enough. The most about Pycnogenol side effects you have to worry about will most likely just include headaches, dizziness, problems in the gut, and mouth ulcers.

Special Precautions with Pycnogenol Side Effects

While there aren’t any serious Pycnogenol side effects for you to worry about, there are however some special precautions for you to keep in mind. For starters, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best that you avoid using Pycnogenol since effects on pregnancy have not been fully established. If you have auto-immune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, you are advised to avoid taking Pycnogenol because it makes the immune system more active, which means more manifestations of symptoms for you. If you have either conditions, best to avoid taking Pycnogenol for your safety.

Pycnogenol Benefits

Aside from simply knowing that there are no side effects of Pycnogenol for you to worry about, it would also help if you knew what the supplement can offer you exactly. Mainly, Pycnogenol is a potent-free radical scavenger, mopping up all sorts of free radicals in the body before they can cause damage to your system due to oxidative stress. As a super antioxidant, Pycnogenol helps boost your immune system and strengthens blood vessel capillaries and walls, aiding in better circulation since stress-induced blood clots and arterial constriction are prevented. For those who usually suffer from cramps, Pycnogenol has been proven to do some great work in alleviating discomfort.

How to take Pycnogenol

As mentioned earlier, Pycnogenol generally has no side effects, but you can help ensure that you never have to worry about anything by making sure that you take the supplement properly. Typical dosage for every day is set at 1mg for every kilogram of body weight or you can just follow directions written on the packaging. The supplement is available in different formulas so there will be varying strengths to cater to different needs. Every pack you buy though will contain 20 mg to 100 mg of the supplement. Try different dosages and strengths, if you have to in order to find the best one for you. As with other supplements, please allow at least a month for Pycnogenol to start working in your body to unleash the benefits you are looking for. If you are considering using Pycnogenol for a certain condition, consult with your doctor first so you can be prescribed the right kind of dosage and strength, letting you ultimately make the most out of taking Pycnogenol. Also, be sure to take Pycnogenol with your meals or afterwards.

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