SuperPump 250

ANS Performance Ritual - Our Top Rated Pre Workout

SuperPump 250 is the explosive, pump-bursting pre-workout supplement from Gaspari Nutrition that has been helping weightlifters have rock solid pumps since 2005.

Update – 06/21/2011 – Bad news! SuperPump 250 is getting phased out and discontinued! We’ll try to keep our price comparisons up to date, since it will still be available for a while. But in the meantime, check out the good newsSuperPump MAX is even better!

We’ll be honest – SuperPump 250 isn’t like most other products featured on this site. We consider this the choice of people who are bulking up and don’t care about some of the ingredients inside. The reason is that the pumps are absolutely ferocious. This is one of those products that puts the “kitchen” sink in it – but Gaspari chose the kitchen sink properly. The pump complex rocks, driving more nitric oxide into our muscles than we typically feel from other products. There is great focus and detoxification supplements inside. It uses our favorite form of creatine – good ol’ fashioned creatine monohydrate.

If you are caffeine-tolerant, this might be the product for you. Get ready for one hell of a rush… but the crash might come with it too. Your brain will enjoy the Gingko Biloba Extract and L-Tyrosine, two great aids for memory and focus. B Vitamins galore.

The reason we don’t always use SuperPump 250 is because it contains maltodextrin (misleadingly labeled as a “glucose polymer blend”) , which we don’t think is healthy for most people… even though it is now all over the western diet. Maltodextrin is a high-glycemic carbohydrate that causes a high insulin spike, and can lead to fat storage that you need to fight through. However, if you’re bulking, this could be exactly what you want. It’s only 6 carbs worth, though so take it for what it is.

Another reason to be cautious of SuperPump 250 is because it contains a bit of magnesium, but the newer versions of SuperPump 250 contain far less magnesium than the original versions, so it should no longer be called “SuperDump”… as the insanely high amounts of magnesium that the product once had can easily cause soft stools. Still, if you are sensitive to magnesium’s effects on the bowels, this is not for you – but most people are no longer affected (ourselves included).

If you’re new to this product, caffeine-sensitive, small (less than ~150 pounds), or a woman, you can probably get away with one scoop. It is that strong.

Even the flavoring is strong, and you can water it down a bit – but not too much if you get bloated by lots of water pre-workout. The blue razz flavor is so wrong… but so right. It tastes phenomenal, even though it’s probably painting your innards bright blue. SuperPump 250 also comes in Fruit Punch Blast, Grape Cooler, Lemon Burst, Raspberry Lemonade, Refreshing Orange, and Tropical Punch flavors. Our favorite is Blue Raspberry though.

So if you’re a big boy, love your caffeine, or on a solid bulk and are cool with magnesium… SuperPump 250 could be the nitric oxide supplement for you.

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