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Update 2012.01.11 – Vasotropin is Now Shipping! Click Here to get it from the Cheapest Store – It’s only available here so far!

Update 2011.12.14 – We’ve just received updates on Vasotropin! See the new information and pictures below!

Vasotropin, the next evolution in nitric oxide pills, is coming soon from Gaspari Nutrition. This is going to be the replacement to Plasma Jet, which has been discontinued but should still be available online for a while longer until stores run out of stock.

Vasotropin Reviews

So far, there is one phrase in common with all of the reviews we have seen. That phrase is “Holy Shit!”

Users are getting sick pumps in the arms, but even doing things like squatting down to pick up a 45lb plate and they feel it in the legs. This is going to make for an amazing leg day plateau crusher!

Gaspari may have definitely hit something on the head. Things get even crazier when you up the carbs a bit with your pre-workout meal – we’d say around 50g is a good place to start, but probably higher if you’re not too carb sensitive.

The reason this works so well, is explained below – one of the ingredients acts as a glucose disposal agent (GDA), shuttling the carbs/sugars from your bloodstream into your muscle cells, driving nutrients AND pumps – best of both worlds!

It’s best explained by Rich Gaspari himself, so check out this video before we talk about these ingredients and how to get the best out of them:

Vasotropin Ingredients

One Bottle = 120 tablets
Serving Size: 3 Tablets
Content / Service RDA%

  • Niacin (as niacinamide) 200mg 1000%
  • Calcium (as calcium lactate) 126mg 13%
  • Sodium 124mg 6%
  • NOSPEPTM (bioactive peptide fractions) 123mg
  • Vasotropin(TM) Proprietary Blend 1475mg:
    Calcium Lactate, sodium glycerophosphate, Beta vulgaris (root) (standardized for nitrate), pterostilbene

Now this is an interesting product, and below we have a picture of the front of their bottle along with their sales letter.

The pump is supposedly initiated by the bioactive peptide fractions, activating NOS to get nitric oxide moving.

Nitrates from Vasotropin

After that, what’s cool is that we know that nitrates are hot right now, but this is a natural source of them from the beta vulgaris.

Next, this comes with a nutrient partitioner / glucose disposal agent (GDA), which should help lower your blood sugar and shuttle nutrients into your muscles for more hyperemia (blood flow / pump, in layman’s terms!)

Finally, the lactate coming along with the calcium can detach and also help with endurance and pump as well!

Regarding this calcium business, it is listed as elemental calcium in the first part (126 mg), which means that it’s coming from the calcium lactate in the proprietary blend part. So this equates to a calcium lactate amount of up to about 970mg if it is indeed 13% extract. Calcium lactate is 18% calcium by nature, but sometimes companies sell extracts that are 13% calcium. Who knows what’s here, and who really cares if the product works!

Vasotropin Instructions

Take 3-6 capsules with a meal with carbs – preferably pre-workout meal. You can take it anytime with carbs, but you are best off getting your pump supplements in before working out, of course!

The Vasotropin ingredients have leaked out, and they are as follows, and they’re also shown in an image to the right:The reason you need to take it with carbs is because this is a nutrient partitioner, and it needs carbohydrates to shuttle into your muscles. If you don’t, you wont’ get the full effects (and sometimes these glucose disposal agents taken on an empty stomach can lower your blood sugar so much to the point that you get dizzy – so don’t mess with that!)

Overall, this looks VERY new and VERY interesting. We’ll see how the Vasotropin Reviews turn out!

Older Vasotropin and Plasma Jet Information (Pre-Update)

We’re not exactly sure what will be in Vasotropin, but judging from Gaspari’s recent track record with SuperPump MAX, Spirodex, and Phenorex, we can assure you that it’s going to be EPIC. This page will be updated as more information is released.

Bodybuilders know all too well the importance of getting in a solid workout. Just going through the motions of the weights and waiting for your session to hurry and end is not going to produce the physique you’re striving for. You have to be pumped and blast through each rep as if your life depended on it. It is only through such a razor sharp focus that you can stimulate your muscle fibers to grow. However, it is not always easy to maintain that level of adrenaline and motivation. This is where pre-workout supplements enter the picture.

Pre-workout supplements give you that edge needed to get a kick ass workout every time you hit the gym. One such supplement was the Plasma Jet by Gaspari. This supplement was a nitric oxide pill and delivered massive pumps when working out. The plasma Jet was a solid product backed by good reviews. However, Gaspari has decided to discontinue production of this supplement (you can read our Plasma Jet Discontinued article for more info).

Instead of turning to other pre-workout supplements on the market, bodybuilders can wait for the release of a new supplement that will replace Plasma Jet, or more wisely, switch to the mind-blowing SuperPump MAX. In the meantime, we await Vasotropin’s release. As far as the Vasotropin ingredients go, no one outside of Gaspari really knows what it contains. It is however, rumored to include nitrates similar to Yok3d and NO3 Black Chrome. But most speculate that it will be a nitric oxide supplement with some form of arginine as one of its main ingredients. This is good news as arginine supplements have been extensively tested and used by serious lifters to improve their muscle pump.

Gaspari Vasotropin is creating a lot of buzz in the bodybuilding community. It is being discussed in forums whether it will live up to its predecessor. There are other discussions as well, including whether it will have any side effects, if it has certain ingredients, how much it will cost, and so forth. While all questions will remain unanswered until its release, any product by Gaspari is sure to deliver noticeable results. With past products like SuperPump 250, IntraPro, and MyoFusion, Gaspari has never failed to deliver high quality products to cater to the dedicated bodybuilder.

It is widely believed that Vasotropin will contain similar ingredients to Plasma Jet, but it will also contain other additional ingredients as well. Whatever these new ingredients are, it can’t just be any old ingredient thrown in there to make the product sound more appealing or sophisticated. The new ingredients need to be proven to produce an anabolic environment in the body. This means increased pumps, ATV levels, and greater vascularity.

Every supplement company releases new supplements to keep up with the competition. It will be interesting to see where Gaspari Nutrition Vasotropin stands with the rest. Only once it’s been released and used by the consumer will we know whether it is legitimate or hype. Judging by Gaspari’s past line of products, I will have to guess that the former will be true.

In the meantime, the guys at Price Comparison Engine have promised to keep track of who still has Plasma Jet. You can Buy Plasma Jet from our featured store

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