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Vasotropin breaks the nitric oxide barriers with several new ingredients that don’t contain arginine! The creators, Gaspari Nutrition, gives their loyal consumers a choice between Vasotropin blister packs or tablets in a bottle. You get 120 tablets in a bottle for daily consumption or you can take convenient Vasotropin blister packs to the gym without lugging a huge bottle around.

What’s inside in Vasotropin Blister packs and Bottles?

You get a powerful tablet containing several ingredients that naturally push your body during workout. Gaspari Nutrition steered away from Arginine because it was found to be ineffective in the presence of Arginase! You would just be wasting money without getting the pumps you deserved. Ingredients in Vasotropin blister packs will give you monstrous pumps because youll be able to work hard for it!

Ingredients in Vasotropin Blister packs and Bottles

Niacin – or Niacinamide in Vasotropin blister packs. This powerful vitamin belongs to the vitamin B group and contains surprisingly powerful effects on your cardiovascular system. Named from “nicotinic acid + vitamin” this vitamin also known as vitamin B3, it can evoke powerful vasodilating effects on your body. You immediately get a “niacin flush” which might alarm people. However it’s a beneficial side effect in dosages in Vasotropin blister packs. Niacin flush is the vasodilation of your blood vessels which increases blood to your body.

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Calcium and SodiumThese two electrolytes are important to muscle movement. Muscles or sarcomeres require calcium ions inside to help muscles contract. Without sufficient calcium, you’ll have weak muscular contractions. Sodium is also part of the sodium potassium pump that helps transmit impulse from outside the cell to inside and tells the muscle cell to contract.

NOSPEP Bioactive Peptide Fractions – This blend is from Glanbia plc and it contains amino acids that contain unique Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) stimulating benefits. This serves as an NO stimulator in Vasotropin blister packs and bottles.

Vasotropin Proprietary Blend – This blend contains powerful ingredients that help increase energy for great muscle pumps!

The first ingredient worth mentioning in Vasotropin blister packs and bottles is the Beta Vulgaris root. Extracts from this root will give you Trimethylgycine or Betaine anhydrous. It is a powerful vitamin that is needed by our body in large amounts. Several studies have found that Beta Vulgaris root extracts contain enough Trimethylglycine to exert a balancing effect on homocysteine levels in the body.

Just a note about homocysteine, you don’t want it in your body! It has potentially destructive effects and is considered a toxic waste produced from protein synthesis. Beta vulgaris dose in Vasotropin blister packs and bottles work overtime to keep homocysteine levels low enough to promote muscular growth.

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Vastropin Blister Packs or Bottle? You Decide!

Another ingredient found in Vasotropin blister packs and bottles is Pterostilbene. This amazing compound is related to resveratrol that is found in grapes. It’s a phytoalexin that can help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It boosts cardiovascular system health so it can support vasodilation to give you monstrous pumps.

Gaspari Nutrition really created one of the best Arginine free Nitric Oxide supplements in the market. Vastropin dosage is 3 tablets pre workout. It might be a much for many people that’s why many are happy being able to choose between a bottle and blister packs. Instead of 120 tabs in one bottle, you get 20 pads of 6 pill Vasotropin blister packs that are good for two workouts. The rest of the tablets remain safe at home. It’s a convenient way to get muscle pumps!


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