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Versa-1, a product marketed as a natural anabolic by USPLabs, has been making news this week as there has been much hype over the official release of the supplement. Beta testers, or ALPHA testers as USPLabs declare them, have been ranting and raving about the effectiveness of Versa-1 for the last few months. This product is also marketed as being very versatile (hence the name), as it can be stacked with pre-workout supplements.

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The Versa-1 Ingredients

There’s only two ingredients, which is an incredible thing. But no doubt, there is a LOT of questioning going on with this product’s ingredients.

Below, we have some preliminary research. However, if you want to read EVERYTHING we can find out about Versa-1 so far on’s USPLabs Versa-1 Ingredients page.


Versa-1 contains 2 ingredients. First, we’re going to look at is N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide. It also goes by the simple name of Aegeline, and can sourced from Bael trees. [4]

USPLabs states, “At a specified lower amount, the compound possesses a thermogenic effect, while at a much higher amount, such as that found in VERSA-1, the compound possesses an anabolic effect.” [1]

N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide, or Aegeline, is touted by USPLabs to have a strong anabolic affect on users. This is by its purported ability to act as a beta(3)-AR agonist. [2] To make it simple, adrenoceptor beta 3 is “located mainly in the adipose tissue and is involved in the regulation of lipolysis and thermogenesis.” Therefore, an agonist of this receptor would pose anabolic effects. Studies have been conducted that have shown there is possibly a correlation between Aegeline and it being a beta(3)-AR agonist:

“From the leaves of A. marmelos an alkaloidal-amide, Aegeline 2, was isolated and found to have antihyperglycemic activity as evidenced by lowering the blood glucose levels by 12.9% and 16.9% at 5 and 24h, respectively, in sucrose challenged streptozotocin induced diabetic rats (STZ-S) model at the dose of 100mg/kg body weight. Aegeline 2 has also significantly decreased the plasma triglyceride (Tg) levels by 55% (P<0.001), total cholesterol (TC) by 24% (P<0.05), and free fatty acids (FFA) by 24%, accompanied with increase in HDL-C by 28% and HDL-C/TC ratio by 66% in dyslipidemic hamster model at the dose of 50mg/kg body weight. The reasonable mapping of compound 2 to validated pharmacophoric hypothesis and 3D QSAR model with an estimated activity (283nM) suggest that the compound 2 might be a beta(3)-AR agonist.” [2]

Overall, the product is reported to potentially aid in (note: these are anecdotal findings from “alpha” testers of Versa-1) [1]:

  • Mood elevation
  • Strength increase
  • Recovery
  • Muscle fullness/vascularity
  • Libido


Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine, or Citicoline may be helpful in essentially increasing your brainpower through an increase its ability to support healthy acetylcholine synthesis. [3]

“Studies in animals and humans provide evidence of citicoline’s ability to promote learning and memory and improve cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, as well as in victims of mild to moderate stroke and cerebral ischemia. Citicoline administration may also reduce the duration of coma and the severity of mental and motor deficits associated with traumatic head injuries. Other areas in which benefits of citicoline are supported by the literature include: eye health, mental health, satiety, and substance abuse. Pharmacokinetic studies suggest that citicoline is well absorbed and highly bioavailable with oral dosing.” [3]

We can see that taking Versa-1 preworkout, it could potentially increase Craze’s already potent focus-inducing properties. Citcicoline is a commonly used as a nootropic for the above listed reasons. Users are constantly searching for ways to seek not only a edge in the weight room, but also a mental edge.

Author’s Note: The FDA has not reviewed this information. This information is intended to supplement your knowledge, not to replace advice from your health care provider. Interactions between your current medications and the above topic are not noted. Always consult a physician prior to using any dietary supplement.


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