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It’s finally here!  Created by four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler, for future champions like YOU.  Jay Cutler has created one of the most exciting supplements to hit the supplement market. Under the company Alpha Helix, Jay Cutler promises to deliver a pre-workout supplement that will give you the extra edge during your workout.

Introducing Voltagen, the latest pre-workout supplement from Alpha Helix.

Jay Cutler knows what he’s talking. As one of the world’s best known body builders, four time Mr. Olympia title holder and more, he’s giving away one of his secrets to his awesome physique. It’s only natural for a bodybuilder to create the best supplement for body builders.

Voltagen – From Alpha Helix

Voltagen is a pre-workout drink specially with ingredients designed to give you explosive energy for your workout.

  • Vitargo® – Fractionated Barley Amylopectin
  • CarnoSyn® – Beta-alanine
  • Bioperine ® – Black Pepper Extract
  • L-leucine – Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)
  • Caffeine

Each ingredient has been carefully evaluated by Alpha Helix. Each ingredient has great benefits already, but mix them all in Voltagen and you have an awesome pre-workout drink.

Vitargo®- Fractionated Barley Amylopectin in Voltagen

Vitargo is literally the best carbohydrate mix in the world. Many champions have attested that Vitargo worked to give them the best energy source for their needs. Voltagen adds Vitargo as a great carbohydrate fuel for your muscles. It’s no secret, our body works because of glucose, a carbohydrate. However, not every carbohydrate source in the planet gives out the same amount of glucose. You could eat a basket of bread, rice and other carb laden food and you won’t feel energized.

Why Vitargo in Voltagen Works:

  • Easily absorbed – Energy is available in literally minutes
  • No bloating – Doesn’t contain enough gluten that messes up your digestive system.
  • Replaces Glycogen levels faster – Several studies have shown Vitargo capable of replacing glycogen levels faster than leading brands.

Everything translates to one thing, Voltagen made the right choice of adding Vitargo in the mix.

CarnoSyn®-The Beta-Alanine source of Voltagen

CarnoSyn, the best source of Beta-Alanine. This natural amino acid is just one of the amazing ingredients found in Voltagen. This awesome supplement can give you the following results:

  • Increase Carnosine which decreases muscular fatigue
  • Protects muscles from being damage
  • Increase lean mass

You get to have a product that can give you energy while protecting your muscles, Alpha Helix doesn’t just stop there.

Bioperine®-Black Pepper Extract in Voltagen

Feel the Burn with Bioperine

This ingredient is actually a great metabolic enhancer, but it also does something even better – BioPerine has been shown to increase the absorption of other supplements and vitamins taken with it! In addition, lot of studies and reviews have shown that Bioperine, a very pure form of piperine, can affect the rate of anabolism and catabolism in your body. Black pepper actually has a lot of benefits:

  • Natural diuretic – Maintain your proper level of water in your body
  • Anti-bacterial – Naturally kills bacteria
  • Anti-oxidant – Protects your cells from damage, keeps Nitric Oxide (a free radical) controlled
  • Fat-burner and Thermogenic – Increases metabolic rate by 8% for several hours!
  • Increased Supplement Absorption – One study showed that our bodies absorb over 30% more CoQ10 when taken with piperine!

It basically helps turn Voltagen into an ephedra free fat burner all while being a pre-workout supplement! You can now lose that adipose tissue or fat effectively without experiencing side effects from Bioperine. The best part about black pepper extract is that it is all NATURAL.  The increased metabolism is a big plus for Voltagen by Alpha Helix.

L-leucine – Voltagen’s Branched Chain Amino Acid

Who hasn’t heard of the BCAA’s? This time Jay Cutler chose the best among the batch for Voltagen. Although many supplements have been marketing the ideal ratio of Leucine, iso-leucine and valine but recent studies have shown that L-leucine is the most powerful BCAA of them all.

Studies have shown that L-leucine  is the only essential amino acid that can encourage muscular growth!

A Dash of Caffeine in Voltagen

Caffeine may not be “new” or be a ground-breaking ingredient. It is after all a great stimulant. As a pre-workout drink, you’d want to be able to stay up as you complete your reps. Not many people may love Caffeine but guess what, it’s been around, it’s natural and it’s effective.

It’s in Voltagen but Caffeine is surrounded by great ingredients combined to give you that amazing buzz and nutrients you need in a pre-workout drink!

Pros, Cons and Side Effects of Voltagen

Let’s start with the side effects. If you take a look at the ingredients of this great product, you’ll find that most if not all are natural. Many reviews have focused more on beneficial side effects of Voltagen such as:

  • Increased sweating
  • Increased body temperature
  • Wakefulness

In fact, many have commented that they’ve felt a good post-workout burn whenever they’ve taken Voltagen as a pre workout drink.

Although, not many are happy with Alpha Helix  because of the price tag. Many have commented that it’s a relatively expensive pre-workout supplement and drink. That’s in comparison to other pre-workout supplements.

But here’s the pro side, Voltagen has a good introductory price for something so good – and we know it’ll get lower. Alpha Helix combines top quality ingredients worth your buck.


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