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White Flood is the amazingly delicious, high-energy pre workout supplement from Controlled Labs that will get you amped for your workout like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

This product has been out for a while, but has recently been formulated in late 2011 for far better taste, cleaner energy with no crash, and a sweet natural ingredient that gives you a wonderful pump in the gym. The reviews have been extremely positive due to the better taste and cleaner energy, as Controlled Labs has re-revolutionized pre-workout supplements with White Flood “v2.0″….

If you want a supplement that will gear you up for your workout and exercise, you might want to take a closer look at new White Flood.

Whether you’re doing cardio or weights, the boosted stamina and increased strength that comes along with it is well worth the price of admission! It’s one of the safest caffeinated beverages on the market, due to the incredible vitamin and amino acid mix that perfectly ramps you up for your workout. So what makes New White Flood extra special and how does it work well in your body? Read on!

White Flood 2.0 Ingredients

Let’s break it down in groups.

Ornithine, Carnitine, and Citruline.

These 3 are said to be the reasons behind the efficacy of the product. With the help of these ingredients, it is a lot easier to increase strength and become more energetic. More than that, these compounds are actually mixed with Norvaline. As a result, it will enhance the effects of Ornuthine, Carnitine, and Citruline, leading to its prolonged yet assured effects.

Beet root. This is another ingredient that is said to be very important in the production of nitric oxide. It also contains Vitamin C. As an effect of the substances found in beet root, the moment you take the New White Flood, you will definitely have an intense energy and endurance rate all throughout the training. You will not have any problems dealing with your breathing as well as you ability to sustain pain.

GABA. This is said to be the magic behind the New White Flood. With the inclusion of GABA, those who will take the product will have increased energy, without getting the side effects present in other stimulants such as uneasiness, anxiety, nausea, and many more. In fact, one can feel a bit more relaxed, and simply focused on making the most out of training. Tartrate can also be found and mixed with the above mentioned ingredients for better results.
In short, with these ingredients flooded in your body upon the intake of the product, there is an assurance that you will really arrive at your expected results at the end of the day. More than that, the release of the New White Flood Formula also paved the way for some to ask questions as to what the new ingredients are and how it could possibly increase the potential of the product. Thus, the new product, which is the New Controlled Labs White Flood, is now more effective, and has speedier results as compared to the previously released version.

The Many Benefits Of The New White Flood 2.0

The New White Flood has gained instant popularity in the market due to the many benefits that one can get while using it. This includes seemingly endless stamina and energy during the workout. This will also help prolong one’s endurance during the training and allow bodybuilders to go the extra mile. Thus, if you will use it, you will surely feel like you can do a lot of techniques that you can hardly do before. It also makes muscle leaner and creates muscles mass. With muscle masses all over the body, the metabolic rate will surely increase and pave the way for fat burning.

Most of all, White Flood is fat and creatine free and a fast- acting product at that. Therefore, the moment you use it, you will be surprised at what you can do during your workout sessions. This is great if you like to take creatine in the morning or post-workout.

There is no doubt that The New While Flood is already what a lot of people have come to trust. This product has not just allowed bodybuilders’ goals to be met, but let them make the most out of the food that they eat and the energy that they have.

Older White Flood Write-Up, Before the Upgrade

White Flood is a pre-workout drink made by Controlled Labs. It is one of our favorite nitric oxide supplements because of its taste, unique ingredient profile, value, and lack of carbs.

Update: White Flood 2.0 has been released! Read all about it on our article above – It’s getting better reviews due to better taste and more energy!

To give you a great pump and strength boost, White Flood has our favorite, AAKG (Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate). The arginine helps produce more nitric oxide in your veins, to give the pump and expanded blood vessels for more nutrient delivery. There’s plenty of AAKG to give you a sweet pump.

White Flood Ingredients – Growth Hormone Stimulation!

However, the OKG added to the pump complex should not be understated. OKG has been shown to increase protein retention, speed muscle repair, and improve your immune system’s function by increasing growth hormones. It’s a welcome addition to the drink.

There is plenty of beta alanine for endurance, and a few different types of stimulants, including caffeine.

White Flood brings one interesting, but possibly questionable ingredient to it – GABA. It is an important neurotransmitter in the brain, and the GABA in White Flood stimulates the anterior pituitary and leads to Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production. Growth hormone production is obviously a great thing – GH helps you build muscle and prevent fat build-up.

The question about using GABA in White Flood is that it may also give you a sense of ‘calm’, as it is sometimes used as a sleep aid. However, the caffeine will easily offset this, and it helps prevent jitters. But if you find yourself very succeptible to GABA’s calming effects in the brain and don’t get a killer workout, White Flood is not for you. This isn’t a problem for us.

If you’re an endurance athlete or not a creatine user, you might enjoy that there is no creatine in White Flood. Creatine is cheap and you can always add your own. In fact, it’s best to add creatine when your system’s uptake is at it’s highest – just upon rising and immediately post-workout. So not having creatine in your pre-workout drink isn’t the end of the world.

White Flood Energy

The last thing we love about White Flood is the addition of Coenzyme Q10. This is an expensive supplement that few other products add because it’s not cheap. But it’s GREAT for energy production (CoQ10 helps the extremely important ATP molecule produce energy).

White Flood has an incredible mix in a shaker. No fancy equipment needed. There is no foam or floating particles like some of the more expensive products. White Flood comes in Electric Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors – Electric Lemonade is our favorite. It tastes like a lemon chill!

You can get White Flood for under $35 for 50 servings. That’s a good deal – we’re happy anytime we pay less than $1 per explosive workout.

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